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It’s Time to Skip the Gym for Some Fun Alternatives!

By: Radhika Lakhani (@RadhikaLakhani)

It’s always been easy to get active, but staying active has always been difficult. Here are some of the best ways to keep your heartrate up this summer that don’t involve going to a traditional gym.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Source: Facebook (Toronto Island SUP)

Located on the Toronto Islands, Stand Up Paddleboarding offers you the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors. It’s time to take advantage of the weather we’ve been having. SUP offers several packages, including an introductory class for those who have little to no experience on the water. Another option is to immerse yourself with nature in the city by participating in a two-hour tour with an experienced guide through the lagoons of the island. And if you just really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can try out paddleboard yoga with the Toronto skyline as your backdrop. 

City Dance Corps

Source: Facebook (City Dance Corps)

You can get your energy flowing through the power of dance. They can help you fix your two left feet, either by registering for classes including salsa, ballet and tap or attending one of their several drop-in classes like jazz and hip-hop. Whichever option you chose, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques, new terminology, and each move will be broken down step-by-step. You can pay as you go or purchase a card of 5, 10, or 20 classes. It’s a fun way to get active, and an opportunity to make some new friends. 

Pursuit OCR

Source: Facebook (Pursuit OCR)

Remember in middle school, the bell would signal that it was time for recess and everyone would run for the jungle gym? Well fear not, because now you can relive those glory days. Pursuit OCR is a fully indoor obstacle course training center. You can climb, crawl and test your speed. Pursuit even holds exercise classes that include hand balancing, flexibility and general conditioning. Through the day, there are several times the gym is open to the public with their Open Mat sessions. An all-day play pass will cost $20, and it gives you access to the course, cardio area, and independent training area. You may not find a more fun way to get active. 

Camp No Counselors

Source: Facebook (Camp No Counselors)

If you’re tired of taking that summer camp job as a counsellor, it’s probably time to switch it up. Adult summer camps are becoming increasingly popular amongst those over the age of 18. You can spend three nights along the shores of Manitouwabing Lake in the Muskoka/Parry Sound region. The weekend will be filled with a variety of activities like arts and crafts, archery, sailing, water skiing, kayaking and so much more. Your weekend away even includes delicious gourmet takes on the traditional camp classics. With so many activities to participate in, you’ll never be bored, and it’s one of the best way to get active.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Source: Facebook (Sky Zone Vaughan)

Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park, and they celebrate the notion of “fun fitness.” Jumping on a trampoline uses almost every muscle, and it can be an alternative to the gym. They offer several programs and activities, including a Dodgeball League where teams will play for 50 to 55 minutes a night, and try to solidify their spot on top of the standings. With Sky Slam, you can pretend to be NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Zach LaVine. The launch pads will bounce you 10 ft. into the air, giving you the opportunity to show off your skills. With SkyRobics, you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour as it combinines core exercises, calisthenics, and aerobics. They have several locations across the province, and whatever activity you choose, you’ll be in place with wall-to-wall trampolines, getting active, and maybe not even realizing just how beneficial it was.

Boulderz Climbing Centre Junction Triangle

Source: Facebook (Boulderz Climing Centre- Junction Triangle)

Climbing can be an alternative to the gym as it is an excellent way to build strength. Whether you’re experienced or new to climbing, Boulderz Climbing Centre provides a fun and safe atmosphere. Fun and fitness is the main goal for beginners and you have the option of participating in a structured comprehensive instructed class or start on your own with minimal direction. Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm are open for drops-ins, and it will only cost you $20.

Whatever activity you chose to participate in, you can’t go wrong. Go and get active through one of the above mentioned locations. We promise that it won’t feel like you’re actually exercising.