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It’s Not the Destination, but How You Get There

By: Shanna Jones

Being in college is the best time to travel. Chances are, outside of classes, extracurriculars, and work, young people aren’t weighed down by the same pressures and responsibilities as adults. If you’re not a parent, then your worry doesn’t involve who is going to stay with Little Bobby while you’re away or who’ll get him to school. If your work allows and the funds don’t present a major issue, take some time off to appreciate the beauty and weirdness that surrounds us.

So, while you’re making plans around concerts, glamorous locals, and camping trips, consider the uniqueness of how you’re going to get there.


driving car

Credit: Alejandro Salinas,

If solitary travel isn’t for you, take your nearest and dearest! Family, friends, and loved ones make the perfect buddies to be with on a road trip. Get in a car or truck, pack your favourite salty chips, sweet chocolates, bubbly pop, and let loose. But what’s a road trip without karaoke? Your highway karaoke voice is unparalleled and you should explore it to the fullest. Fun game: turn the radio on see which stations it connects to and what tunes they play. Any surprises? 


flying airplane

Credit: Benjamin Voros, 

Being in an airplane has a certain mystery that other modes of travel lack. Remember being a child, laying on the grass at the park, staring up at the clouds in the sky, wondering what was beyond them? Was it some far away galaxy with a world completely different from Earth. Well, no. But being in an airplane can still be cool, if you ignore the confined seating space, the baby crying, and the knee of the person behind you being right against your seat. It’s still a quick mode of travel over long distances, and the most opportune time to read a book or listen to an album. And, regardless of any small naggings in flight, being 35 thousand feet in the air, staring out at the endless ocean or the clouds will always take you back to being a kid and wondering what’s out there beyond the clouds. 



Credit: Dan Perez, 

Being on the subway or public transit remains the best way to discover city life. There is no shortage of characters on the subway. From the subway singer, to the couple fighting by the doors, to the pack of kids debating about sports or music; public transit offers it all. So, yes, these people might annoy you, but hey, what’s life without a little shakeups?

So, as you plan your next adventure, don’t only fixate on the destination. Quite often, the greatest stories emerge during the unpredictable journey there.