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Humber College Bookstore

Humber Bookstore Store Front

The Humber Campus store’s staff and manager are racing through time to be ready for the fall term.

The operation of the bookstore plays a significant part in the Humber College and University of Guelph Humber’s revenue and, of course, in students’ benefits.

The Campus Store provides Humber with a percentage of the revenue generated through their sales. This money is used by Humber to enhance student success and the student experience at Humber.

The store offers a wide range of choices for students to equip themselves for study, lifestyles and even souvenirs and gifts. When it comes to textbooks the options are varied, students have the choice of purchasing, renting or even selling books back to store.

Rows of Humber Books

Students have saved over $500,000 dollars over the last academic year in the cost of course materials by shopping at the campus store.

The method of purchasing e-books or digital books in campus store will help students save money every semester from buying new, print textbooks which may cost them around $1,000 each year. Students can save between 25% and 80% off the price of a new and/or new textbook package when they choose a used, rental or digital option provided at the Campus store.  Make sure you check your courses to see if these options apply to you.  Students in the 2017-2018 term saved over $500,000 on their textbook and Course Materials purchases through our USED Book, Text Rental, Price Matching programs.

Student support doesn’t stop there. Hiring students is integral to the operation, creating a fun and more customer-friendly atmosphere for all students. Staff are focused on improving the customer experience, welcoming coffee and bags into the store while shopping, and providing a fun and friendly environment for all.

Humber’s Bookstore hires more students than any in the country, up to 35 part-time positions during the busiest times of the school year, and will be looking to bolster its current staff as the fall term draws near.

Students, who want an opportunity to find a part-time job on campus, can go see Jeff Snook, store manager of Humber campus store, locating in E concourse building, North Campus.

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