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Humber Arboretum: The Backyard You Didn’t Know You Had

By Nathan White  (@NathanWhiteNDW)   

Photo Credit (Instagram: Humberarb) 

Humber Arboretum has been around since 1977, but each year students still miss out on the wilderness in their own backyard. It was started by Humber horticulture students for education and research, but if you get a few moments you can make us of it simply to take a deep breath and relax. The arboretum is located near the L Building at Humber North campus.


(Photo Credit Google maps)    


(Photo credit : Instagram : Humberarb) 

It’s Full of Animals!

I’m not saying it’s a scene right out of Disney, but the view is amazing and the greenery all around you will make you forget that the highway is just around the corner. Humber’s Arboretum is a part of one the most diverse ecosystems in Canada (the Carolinian bioregion). There are deer walking around, butterflies fluttering, and turtles swimming in the pond. They are all there for you to enjoy and take the pictures of.  

Take a Break From That Treadmill

Don’t get confused, the Arb is big! That entire valley from the 427 to Highway 27 is yours to explore. On the trail you’ll find workout equipment and informative displays about the habitat around you. 

Even Learn a Few Things!

One of the highlights of the whole experience is the Centre for Urban Ecology. It is Gold-certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy And Enviromental Design) for meeting the highest standards for sustanibility. The centre has been essential in educating children and adults alike for the last 39 years.

(Instagram: Humberarb)

Take a Breath and Relax!

You don’t have to be training to be an arborist or a landscape technician to visit. There is nothing better than a free facility, and at no cost it is great to discover at your leisure. With many places to sit, gardens to walk through and trails to walk, the Arb is ideal for when you get a break between classes.