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How to: Workout Without a Gym

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Staying in shape and taking care of your body is very important but it’s also very expensive. Buying a gym membership, searching for a personal trainer and finding the best workout equipment adds up.  

Spending money isn’t essential to getting fit because at-home workouts are an excellent way to shape up without even stepping foot in a gym. There are endless equipment-free workout routines that use bodyweight for resistance or intense cardio workouts that you do not need an elliptical for.

Staying committed to a workout routine and maintaining a healthy diet are key aspects of a happier being.  Following these at-home workouts allow for you to become a happier and healthier version of yourself on your own time. Whether its five minutes or one hour, these at-home workouts are guaranteed to show you the results that you’re looking for.

The warm-up: Never forget to warm up before starting your workout.  It is very important to warm up your muscles and get your heart rate going in order to prevent any injuries.  If you plan to workout for a quick period of time, cut your workout short NOT the warm up.        

Simple stretches like keeping your legs straight and touching your hands to your toes will loosen your muscles and better prepare your body for a good workout.  Adding some cardio in your warm up routine is always helpful.  A fun and quick way to use your at-home equipment is to jog up and down your stairs or jumping rope.

Create a routine: Challenge yourself by creating your very own boot-camp.  Try a circuit that merges cardio with abdomen workouts for the best results.  Work on body weight squats and lunges in order to build your muscle.  Wall-sits are a great workout to begin your routine, think of sitting down in a chair-just without the chair.  This uses your own body weight for an excellent method of reaching your fitness goal and fitting your lifestyle. If you find that it’s too difficult initially, put your hand on a support to help keep your balance. 

Continue to build your strength by doing 10 pushups. Push your body to its limits but don’t go as far as harming or injuring yourself.  If it gets too difficult, put your knees down and continue to push up 10 times.

Start off your cardio by doing 20 walking lunges.  Remember to keep your eyes looking forward and make sure that your upper body is as straight as possible.  Adding lunges to your workout routine are a great way to merge cardio and building muscle especially when working out with limited space in your home.

Next, do 10 dumbbell rows.  I know what you’re thinking- where am I going to find dumbbells if I’m working out at home? Well, anything with weight works! Find something that is challenging to lift 10 times in a row, for example one liter of pop. (That you won’t be drinking since it’s filled with sugar.) You can even use the dumbbell routine while lunging to give yourself more of a challenge.

Adding a 15 second plank at the end of your circuit will certainly build your core and make for a stronger and healthier body.  Add 30 jumping jacks at the end of your routine to finish with a bang!

Once you complete your circuit, remember to stretch! Your muscles have been contracted from lifting and pushing your body to its limits, so you must stretch in order to rebuild those muscles.

Exercising doesn’t build muscle, resting your body builds muscle.  Never do the same routine on consecutive days.  Change up your routine in order to give those muscles time to recover.  Following this routine 3 times a week and ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy diet will guarantee positive results.

By: Julia Colavecchia