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Hot Hot Heat Begin Slow Goodbye with New Music Video

Hot Hot Heat Begin Slow Goodbye with New Music Video
May 19th, 2016

By Kenny Fowler (@buttonmasherken) 

Sometimes, one of the hardest choices is knowing when to call it quits and walk away from something, even if you love doing it. So many great musicians choose to let themselves burn out instead of finishing a career of great music the same way they came in – strong, captivating and ready to make crowds move. Luckily, Hot Hot Heat are not making that timeworn mistake.

On May 18th, the Vancouver-based indie rock powerhouses released their music video for “Kid Who Stays In The Picture”, the lead single off their farewell, self-titled album arriving in just over a month. Knowing that this is the last HHH album before it even lands in the fans' hands gives the band a fantastic opportunity to connect and make a lasting final statement, a process that has already begun with this song and video. Keeping it simple, the video shows the band doing what they do best, sitting down in the studio and making magic.

Frontman Steve Bays sings about the struggle to hold on to your youthful energy and innocence for as long as possible, and to never lose one's passion. That message rings true in the three-minute video, as the found footage style captures candid moments of life and connection between the members as they piece together this final album. There are no special effects, no staged shots, and no attempts to pantomime the song in time with the music. Instead, the band chose to open all the doors to the viewer to see the band naturally. 

(Photo Source: Kid Who Stays In The Picture Music Video)

“Kid Who Stays In The Picture” channels Hot Hot Heat's early albums and success while keeping the feel fresh and vibrant. Guitarist Luke Paquin's dreamlike guitar work allows Bays' vocals to soar over the listener with childlike awe as Louis Hearn and Paul Hawley keep everything tight and tethered as a driving engine of funky bass and percussion. You'll want to hit replay on this one again and again.

According to Bays, “We wanted it to feel like it was all the same album even though it had been written over several years. The songs are the 10 songs we were the most excited about in the moment. The idea behind the album was: If you want to try and do something great, it can only be when the inspiration hits.” The album will be available Friday, June 24th. You can get your hands on “Kid Who Stays In The Picture” at the links below, or visit the band's Pledge Music page to pre-order the album. 

(Photo Source: Hot Hot Heat Official Website)