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Hometown Band Goodbye Honolulu showcases that they can bring a new spin to old sounds.

What happens when you get four teenagers that decides to form a rock ‘n’ roll band? A crazy, attitude full performances that leaves their audiences rocking.

goodbye honolulu

Jacob Switzer, Max Bornstein, Fox Martindale and Emmett S Webb all met in high school and quickly formed a band. Before that though, Jacob and Fox played in a project called Headspace. They were also in a band called Creep Creep Beach. Emmett and Max were in a band called Ghost Days. Emmett and Max were in different bands since they were both in grade school. All of them started with music around Grade 5 even if they all weren’t at the same schools.

All of them met when they were playing in the same shows. Sometimes playing at the same time. They quickly found out they have something and they started a band. Fox wanted something that sounding exciting and to hook in Jacob, so he came up with the name Goodbye Honolulu.

They have also set up their own record label called Fried Records. They have released almost all of their songs through the label. However, Lorry Can’t Love was released by Burger Records, which releasing songs for bands such as Black Lips.

While other high school kids were worrying about homework, exams and post-secondary, the four members were playing in bars, writing songs and releasing multiple self-albums. They credit their early years of live performing on honing their live skills to their current crazy, one in a lifetime performance.

The Toronto origin band named their local record label Fried Records and have released all of their songs on there.

After high school, they decided that their talents would fit better if they did it together, so they put all of their energy and song-writing into one project, Goodbye Honolulu.

The group went with a slacker vibe that mixed with garage rock ‘n’ roll and has modern elements. They described themselves as not pop and it’s not punk. They say they had influences such as the Black Libs, Cage the Elephant and Ty Segall.

However, even though they can communicate their passion through their CDs, their live shows are what this group is known best for their electrifying live shows. It can vary from Emmitt’s fuzzy guitar, Fox and Jacob’s crazy vocals or Max’s skills on the drums.

In 2017, they released their first single called Typical. The song was released with great success and gave a sneak peek for fans to what to expect out of their famous live shows. However, it wouldn’t even compare to their gritty and clever EP, More Honey.

Just after in the same year, More Honey dropped. The seven song EP was just the start for their career. In 2018 they started to tour with their friends Hinds.

In April of 2019, they released their single, U Got It. They have also performed at the big event, the Canadian Music Week in their home town.

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The band has confirmed that the new single will be part of a new record however, they have yet to record all of it. They also want to try new things with the new album.

They have gained a following not only in Toronto but have seem to have listenership from cities in the United States, mainly Los Angeles and other big cities such as Chicago, New York City and Dallas.

Whatever will happen, the group will continue to make very distinct, high-energy music that will continue to gain a devoted following and will certainly leave their mark on not only Toronto, but on the Canadian music scene. 

You can find more on Goodbye Honolulu here

Kyle Drinnan