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Getting to Know Brands

Welcome back! The last time we talked, I gave you the 411 on what streetwear is and Streetwear Essentials.

Now, we know the fundamentals of building an outfit as well as the wardrobe, it is time for us to look at major HYPE Streetwear brands!

Just clarifying, when I mean HYPE, I mean that, all of these brands that are heavily followed by most streetwear enthusiasts. Pieces from these brands will help to “boost” your closet into the next level. They will become focal points of your outfit.

Unfortunately, due to all of the hype, some of these pieces are hard to find or hard to get. People use any means possible to get these items. Getting something from these brands will be hard, but once you get one piece you can’t stop!


This is the ULTIMATE streetwear brand in terms of hype. Supreme has existed since the 90’s and has a cult-like following.

The brand has physical stores, as well as an online shop. Unfortunately, millions of people live and die for Supreme, and use bots to grab pieces.

Collections release every week, and they are sometimes hit or miss.

Your best bet when it comes to Supreme is buying off a local resell shop. There are tons in Toronto.

When it comes to Supreme, do your research and pre plan your budget ahead of time. Since the company is based out of the United States, all of the prices are USD and you will end up paying duties on the goods you buy.


Palace is a London, U.K based skateboarding company that blew up in the streetwear scene because of the iconic triferg logo (pictured above).

The label began in 2009 with the theme of 90’s style graphics on all sorts of pieces. Streetwears link between skateboarding allowed the brand to rise up, and quickly.

Similar to Supreme, Palace drops are weekly and are constantly botted out. Make sure to plan ahead for any drops.

Now that you know two of the HYPEST brands in Streetwear, it’s time to get out there and cop some hype!

Josh Rawlings