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Get your free Raptors Tattoos in Toronto this week

Toronto Raptors Basketball Court

That’s right, you’ve read that correctly. A Toronto Tattoo shop is offering free Toronto Raptors tattoo this week to celebrate the big NBA finals.

This is the first time in franchise history that Toronto’s basketball team has made it to the finals, so why not mark it on your skin forever?

The tattoo shop located at 703 College St, Freedom Ink, is offering this deal from now until the 1st of June.

According to the shops Instagram account, the tattoos must only be 3 by 3 inches and they must be in black ink or line work, only.

The Instagram account also included an example of the tattoo designs that are up for grabs. Some being of raptors heads, a basketball, a dinosaur, and more.

The tattoo limit is 1 per person and walk-ins are from 2:00 until 8:00 pm from Tuesday through Friday.

The shop also noted that there should not be larger than 3 people per group and whoever wants to get some free ink must have a valid ID.

This is an opportunity that won’t stop the passionate Torontonians in getting their free ink to mark their skins forever.

Raptors fans have shown how passionate they are after the big win last weekend by jumping on police cars, ttc buses and even lighting up fireworks.

There's no way that these passionate fans won't take up an offer like this.

If you want to show that you’re just as passionate, but can’t afford a $100,00 ticket to the game, free ink might be a way to display how much you love the city, and a great freebie.

- Aluen Navarro - Fenoy