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Fun Things to do on your Stay-Cation in the City

By: Tori Fixman

keep calm and take a staycation

I know you’re probably wishing you were getting ready to go on a great vacation to Cabo right now, but with the weather we’ve been having in Toronto you won’t really need to leave. With the weather not really cooling down anytime soon here are some great things that you can do this holiday season in Toronto.

Go to the Distillery District. 

distillery district

The Distillery District is always a fun and interesting place to visit all year round. With really cool restaurants, cafes and shops the Distillery District is a great place to just hang out with friends and family and make memories. Especially at this time of the year the Distillery District is transformed into a magical getaway called the Christmas Market and this year it runs until December 20th, so get there quick!

Check out the Harbourfront.

harbour front

Like the Distillery District it’s always fun to check out any time of year; but with the holidays fast approaching and the weather being so nice it’s never too cold to go down to the water and hang out for the day. The Harbourfront constantly has so many different activities and events that are appropriate for all ages; and boat cruises seem to be very popular this holiday season. 

Go see a live show.

theatre, sure ill come

It’s that time of year again where the Nutcracker comes back to the stage and everyone is trying to do a re-enactment of the story of Christmas. Toronto is one of the hubs for live plays and musicals and this holiday season is no exception. With Cinderella, Disney on Ice, A Christmas Carol and much more, you’ll be sure to find something you like. Who knows it might even be your first time at the theatre.

With all these options there are still plenty more options available if you’re looking for something to do. The easiest one being just go downtown and walk around with no plan and sooner or later you’ll find something to do. With that being said good luck with your Stay-cation and have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and Happy New Year!

happy everything