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Four Streetwear Fashion Essentials


If you’re walking around campus, chances are you’ll see someone who dresses like this: 

Without becoming confusing, this is streetwear. Sort of.

Streetwear has no real definition. It’s simply a non-comforming way of fashion. Many people have become interested in it after artists such as Kanye, A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber began embracing the streetwear movement in the early 2010’s. 

For most beginners, getting into streetwear is a daunting challenge. Trust me, when I say this, we’ve all been there. 

Let this article be a guide for all of you interested in streetwear, I hope this helps.

I’ve listed what I think are four ESSENTIAL pieces you will need to have in your wardrobe.

1. Stan Smiths or Old Skool Vans 

For me, and most streetwear enthusiasts, the outfit begins with your kicks.

Now this is the time where you should invest some good money in a really nice pair.

Stan Smiths are one of THE most versatile shoes. They’re all white so they go with everything. It’s hard not to see someone in the fashion industry wearing an outfit without a pair of Stans.

Old Skool vans are super versatile, and a little bit more affordable. You maybe sacrificing the comfort that comes with the Stan Smiths, but you still have the flexibility when it comes to your outfits. 

Dress em up or dress em down, it’s up to YOU!

2. Distressed Jeans

It’s hard to believe that distressed jeans are now the trend, AGAIN.

Now you have two options when it comes to distressed jeans, as you can:

  1. Do it yourself - Thrifting will save you tons of money, and so will a little bit of sewing. Distress an old pair you’ve found at VV, Salvation, or Talize.
  2. Buy em new - Yes your grandmother will remind you that there are holes in your jeans, simply remind her that she’s old and you have more style than her.
  3. Bail while skating- Trust me, that’s how my jeans are distressed. I’m not proud of it.

It then becomes a matter of figuring out the balance of how distressed your jeans are going to be. Find the right balance and you’re all set!

3. Black or Brown Belt

Remember when people used to make fun of the tucked shirt? Well, it’s a thing again. 

Artists like A$AP Rocky have begun bringing back the once dead trend and frankly, it looks great!

Having this in mind, you’re going to need a belt. It doesn’t have to look amazing but you’re going to need one that fits.

Walmart’s cheap leather section is calling you! Grab a belt and figure out the right level of tucking.

Just don’t look like Napoleon Dynamite. That’s too tucked.

4. Inspiration! 

Streetwear is all about YOUR own sense of fashion. It’s a very interpretive type of style.

I myself personally take a lot of inspiration from reddit. There’s a whole community with great guides and inspiration for your outfits! Take a look:

I’d also  suggest just first picking the rappers/models/artists you really think dress well and emulating them. That doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending 900 on a Supreme box logo, but it means just see how they style themselves.

I take a lot of my influence from Kanye and Rocky. I think they’re two of the best dressers in hip-hop.

Find your style guide, and stick to it.  Once you’ve stuck to it, you’ll eventually figure out what works for you and what your OWN personal style is like.

I sincerely hope this helps, as my own journey into streetwear was a little tough.

So read up, rock on, and post your fits to instagram!

Josh Rawlings