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Food for Thought: How to take the perfect food picture

food for thought

If you didn’t take a picture of it, did you really eat it? 

Posting pictures of delicious-looking food on social media has become a lifestyle for many Instagram-lovers across the globe.  There’s nothing like scrolling through your feed and finding a picture of a perfectly round, thin-crust, cheesy pizza to make your mouth start watering. 

Sometimes, your picture just isn’t doing that big fat juicy burger any justice.  Here’s how to make your food photos Instagram-worthy:

Me, myself and pIe????‍????‍????

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Focus on the good stuff:  As simple as it sounds, the last thing you want is to take away from the perfect dish by posting a blurry picture of a savory treat!  Focus on the details and don’t leave anything out! When taking the photo, make sure you are focusing on the centre of the dish to make even the most amateur photo look professional. 

OKAY *drools* ????: @ryhanks #topcitybites #toptorontorestaurants #burger

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Get up close and personal: Zoom into the delicious dish to capture all of its goodness.  Show off all the juices and don’t be afraid to get into that personal space! The closer the picture, the more irresistible it may seem. 

Roti taco from @menufoodtruck #foodtrucksTO

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Take advantage of the outdoors: Using natural light gives the photo different tones and shadows that using the flash on a camera cannot capture.  Snapping a shot of your favourite dish by a window or an area that has the best light will make for a more enticing image.  Sometimes, the light might be too harsh and in this case you can consider relocating or just turning your dish to make for a harsh shadow that might work! 

I couldn't decide on one kind of sprinkle, so I put a combination of them all on this baby shower cake! ????

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Show off colour: You can only edit a picture so much, so make sure it looks great without the help of filters. Experiment with fun colours to make for an intriguing picture, for example using bright green products like avocados.  Hamburgers also work well since the bright red tomatoes, green lettuce, yellow cheese and purple onions work as a good contrast.  Mixing and matching different colours in one plate allows for a visually appealing image.

Snack of the day: Ruffles marshmallow square by @bakeshoppeto. The perfect combo of salty & sweet!

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Simplicity is key: Sometimes it is not all about how intricate the image is.  The simpler, the better.  Showcasing too much can often be overwhelming. Rather than taking a shot of the dish in its entirety, take the most delicious-looking part and make everyone jealous!  

Bon Appetit!

By: Julia Colavecchia