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Five hot Canadian hip-hop tracks to help SAVE your next Uber ride.


canadian hip hop

Picture this scene. 

You and your friends are getting ready for the night out. You’re feeling amazing, looking great, and ready to party! Everyone leaves your place and piles into the Uber you called, on-route to your destination. 

Suddenly it hits you.

You’re in the front seat and you’ve been giving the control of the AUX cord.

You begin to panic. You don’t know what songs to play, what your friends like, or if you’ll be judged for playing Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album. 

My friend, there is no need to get Auxiety (AUX anxiety)!

I’ve got five amazing underground Canadian hip-hop artists for you! Their songs will help to guide you through your shining moment.

When the night starts out, you really want to impress your friends. So, start with Toronto rapper G Milla, and his song “Designer Drugs”. This track will ignite your friends!

The 25-year-old started his career four years ago.  After releasing a handful of singles and being compared to A$AP Rocky, G Milla stayed quiet. He worked on his recently released debut project LFDY for three years to craft the dark, drugged up, introspective album. He’s a dark horse for a new Toronto favourite.

Continuing the streak of hardcore tracks is “Yen” from Ottawa’s own, Night Lovell.

Night Lovell, formerly known as KLNV started his career back in 2014. He’s released two albums, Concept Vague (2014) and Red Teenage Melody (2016).  Starting out, he uploaded his beats onto his SoundCloud within his free time. After a year of uploading instrumental tracks, Lovell hopped on his first record “Dark Light”. Keep an eye on him in the next few years!

Once the middle of the night hits, it’s time for some vibing music, and Shabazz’s “Bandido” fits the bill perfectly.

The Mississauga based rapper released his debut EP Alma Sola in 2016.  He created majority of the project in the last three months prior to the EP’s release. He begun rapping during the eighth grade, having rap battles with his friends over MSN messenger.  Expect more singles and projects soon!

Slowing it down even more, you’ll reach the R&B-influenced K Forest and his song “Trippin”.

The 23-year-old R&B singer has two albums to his name, including his most well-known work, 2016’s Forest Fire.  His song “Guidance” was recently remixed by Travis Scott on his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.  The Brampton vocalist is continually working on new music for his fans.

Finally, we hit the end of the night with Brampton’s Raahiem and his song “Love & War”.

The 20-year-old Brampton R&B singer has only three tracks to his name, but he’s worked with big name artists as DVSN.  He’s planning on releasing his debut EP Fear of the Unknown later this year.

After playing all five of these AMAZING songs, you will reach your destination!

I’m not talking about where your party or club is, no. I’m talking about receiving the title of DESIGNATED AUX-ER. You’ll be in charge of tunes almost every time you’re going out.

So next time? Choose wisely.

Josh Rawlings