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Fast food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy

By: Kaley James 

Eating healthy is not easy. Especially when you are on the go and don’t have the time to ready your meals ahead of time. Plus! Its expensive, vegetables and fruits cost a lot than a quick sandwich from Timmies. However, the Toronto food scene is catching up and recognizing this need and are starting to come out with some really yummy (and affordable) options for people looking for healthy food on-the-go.

Curious of what healthier restaurants are out there?

healthy food

. Kupfert and Kim

This restaurant, which has many locations downtown, is one of the best wheatless and meatless destinations that people can visit. It has many counters in The Path as well as sit-down style locations to fit with whatever you need. To drink they have tea, coffee and smoothies as well as fresh kombucha and cider. The menu is filled with 9 different plant-based dishes that change based on what location you’re at.

healthy food two

2. iQ Food Co.

Located at First Canadian Place, this restaurant uses local produce throughout all of its seasonal menus. For breakfast you’ll find delicious options like chia pudding or avocado toast. Lunch is a different story, being very popular on Bay street, the 5-star iQ boxes are filled with addictive and nutritious ingredients that will fill you no matter what. They also have cold-pressed juices, probiotic tonics, hydrators, boosters and handmade nut milks.

healthy food 3

3. Impact Kitchen

Healthy food is not bland and boring! One way Impact kitchen exemplifies this is through their mouth watering baked goods that are raw, vegan, and made fresh in store. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a ‘contemporary cafeteria’ style layout so you can mix-and-match with different options and try endless combinations. Both owners have backgrounds in fitness and nutrition and teamed up with Stephanie Tucci who use to be a personal chef for pro-athletes to bring a menu that is minimally processed and nutrient rich.    


4. Fresh

This cute spot located on Queen Street West features the ‘Green Goddess’ as their signature dish. An amazing rice bowl with endless greens, nuts, and rice. They started off as a travelling juice bar but now have expanded to have 4 different sit down restaurants. They also have an All Star Salad, BBQ Burger, Beach Bowl and Squash Tacos. And! All food is made from scratch, and no food is frozen or kept for long, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden preservatives. Plus, they don’t cook with butter, dairy, eggs, honey or any other hidden animal by products. But, if you want dairy on the side they do give you the option.

the beet

5. The Beet

Located in the Junction, the owners saw that the area needed a place like theirs. Their unofficial motto is ‘check your conscious at the door’ and it’s a place for both vegans and meat eaters to come together and enjoy a healthy and happy meal. The atmosphere as well as the repurposed furniture reinforce their organic and come-one-come-all feel. Every dietary need is covered in their large menu featuring item like their fully loaded avocado (only $7) or the Queen Beet smoothie (also $7). 

And that’s just a few! Check out some other options here: 

All photos from: BlogTO