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By: Shanna Jones

After securing an interview for a job or internship, what’s your next reaction? Firstly, you’re probably thanking someone for blessing you with an opportunity to put some much-needed coins in your pocket. Then, you tell your parents or best friend that you got an interview at that place you mentioned before, and yeah, you’re nervous but also looking forward to working with that company. Finally, though, comes the freak out every woman (and man) is familiar with, what am I going to wear?



Credit: Matt Heaton, 

A blazer adds a much-appreciated professionalism to any outfit. It shouts “power” and that this woman came to slay and impress you so much, you’ll want to hire her on the spot. Now, it’s all about comfort, so if you feel as if you can rock a blazer in teal or bright red, like Nike tells us, just do it! It is all about how you present yourself. If the pastel life is not for you, choose muted colors, like burgundy or wood green that add the colour you want, but isn't’ so “look at me!” Just remember, if you elect to wear a blazer, forgo black, unless the shirt underneath is a colour. 

Three quarter shirt

three quarter shirt

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What’s another quarter? Here, the difference might be the line between formal and business-casual. The three quarter sleeve ends halfway between your wrist and elbow, and depending on the style of blouse or shirt, takes you from “I’m trying really hard to not be inappropriate” to relaxed and ready. Not to mention how nervous everyone gets being interviewed! Trust me, a breathable shirt is key here.

Casual blouse

casual blouse

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This item can be a standalone or paired with the blazer. If your blazer is in a jewel tone, the blouse should be a more understated solid colour. If no blazer, go for colour! Again, the stress of an interview may cause your body to pump more blood which will raise your body temperature. The material of your blouse should be breathable, letting air into and out of the body, so you can be cool as you’re being interviewed.

Dress pants

dress pants

Credit: Toa Heftiba, 

Does it need to be said? No. Well, just to make sure--no jeans! Regardless of how well you may look in them (and I’m sure you wear them fabulously), it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to wearing jeans to an interview. Now, dress pants are very stylish! You can never go wrong with black, especially when paired with a jewel-toned blazer. I’d even recommend black, but if you feel like spicing it up, add colour! This is probably one of the few times where I won’t encourage wearing a bright colour, as on first-look, you don’t want your interview to view you as distracting. Instead, go for a soft pastel pant that is fitted at either the knee or ankle.



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Have at it, darling. As long as you can walk comfortably, anything goes. Fail-safe suggestion? Closed-toe boots. Just one suggestion, leave the club shoes at home.

Final Pro-tip: Dress in palettes! Colours compliment each other for a reason!

This list looks simple, doesn’t it? That’s the point. You don’t need an expensive closet to nail your dream job. An outfit does not have to be specific. It’s like a restaurant - shirt, pants, and shoes are all that’s required, the rest is up to you! Dress professionally, come prepared and not disheveled, and wow your interviewer with not only your impeccable personality, but also awe-worthy fashion sense. 

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