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Debut album release for Mute Choir

mute choir

Toronto rock band “Mute Choir” releases their new album “Silent Conversation”. The trio has tackled the common question of “who am I?” with a cutting age series of tracks discussing topics of freedom, self-reflections, and entrapment. The band has managed to use their music as therapeutic approach to self-reflection and discovering who you are. The new album Silent Conversations faces the challenges of walking in other people’s shadows while determining to be different from societal norms.

“We all listen to so many different styles of music, as does almost everyone we know,”

says the band. “We wanted to create a record that doesn’t fit neatly into any genre or box.”

This album was entirely self-made by the band; they produced, wrote, composed all their own songs towards the album’s release date. Although this is a rock band, each track has an underlying genre, from RnB, hip hop, to electronic pop. The best way to explain their process of working together is “organized chaos”.

The trio consisting of Sam Arion, Milan Sarkodi, and Iris Waters. These are three hard working musicians who discovered each other through experimenting through different sounds.

Born in Iran, but raised in Toronto, the lead singer Sam Arion’s vocals are mesmerizing and expressive as he vocalizes his need for freedom in each track. 

Along with the new album, they dropped released their new single, “Basement”. This song has very pop feel just in time for the summer time.

They also released a video for the second single “Shadowboxing”. This video was directed by Jessamine Folk. The inspiration the fueled the vision for this video was, ““to create a

surreal visual landscape for the music to live in and we found this through a combination of stark contrast and neo-futuristic elements. The music video for Shadowboxing gave us an opportunity to bring these elements to life, to reflect the song’s meaning, with two opposing characters fighting for identity as they move in slow motion through a world that is both picturesque and indifferent.”

Through a interesting lens, the producer and singer songwriter Sam Arion found inspiration to create this track after beginning a new chapter in his life. 

 “The character was written as a reminder to myself. I would rather fail doing what I love than know I never tried. When the future is wide open, it can be easy to overthink your present decisions in the face of who you might become. You can never know for sure if life will turn out the way you hope; in following your gut instinct there is always a possibility for failure, and fear of it can be overwhelming enough to drive you to the wrong kinds of compromises,” said Arion.

Be sure to check out Mute Choir’s new album, “Silent Conversations” on select streaming platforms. See the track list below.

Silent Conversations:

  1. Welcome To The Neighbourhood
  2. Basement
  3. Fences
  4. Shadowboxing
  5. Blueprints
  6. Familiar Ways
  7. Smoke Break (Interlude)
  8. Election Season
  9. Behind The Bars
  10. This House
  11. Silent Conversations
  12. Graves

Ashley Radcliffe