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Since the lockdown, Content Creation seems to be on the rise, and this comes as no surprise.

With all of us cooped up in our homes, some of us have gotten into new hobbies, tried things we often wouldn’t have. Nowadays, we’re left with too much time on our hands, and rewatching “How I met your Mother” or “Community” for the 60th time doesn’t do it for you anymore. As a result, you probably ended up looking for new content and I’m here to help. Here is a list of several creators I think are worth checking out. You can also tune into Containment Entertainment on 96 9 Radio Humber for a look into some creators on the platforms you’ll soon love. 

YouTube Creators

For those who are looking for cooking content, a strong start is Joshua Weissman, an influential chef with an immense passion for cooking. With a background in the culinary arts, he paved his way through his cooking tutorials on both his YouTube and Instagram. One of his most popular cooking series, “But Better” where he teaches his viewers how to recreate fast-food classics, But Better. A good video to with is his Popeyes Chicken Sandwich as it gives you an idea of his content. Joshua also does a good job of showing his personality to the viewer and its easy to get connected with his content. Now if you’ve already watched Joshua and are looking for more cooking content I’d highly recommend, Binging with Babish, You Suck At Cooking, SORTEDfood, and Cooking Tree. I also got the chance to catch up with Arienne Parzei, a local creator on YouTube that recently transitioned from travel to cooking content. If you're interested in content creation and wanted to have some insight on the process, tune in to episode 4 of Containment Entertainment on 96 9 Radio Humber. 

Now maybe cooking content isn’t for you. Well, how about commentary channels like Schaffrillas Productions, a YouTuber that does an in-depth analysis that makes you realize why your favourite nostalgia film is trash. All jokes aside, James does a great job at dissecting films and offering his input on the film, like questioning some protagonist/villain’s motive and actions, as well as film pacing, plot holes and storylines. The best part is James ridiculous amount of references he throws at you while analyzing Shark Tale and why it was a “cinematic Disaster”. Another creator worth checking out is CaptinMidnight, a more tone down and relaxing creator that offers his perspective on pop culture. Often, you’ll notice a very 1950’s style to his visuals as it's inspired by his username as he criticizes Marvel’s triumphs or flops. Now if these are the type of videos you’re into then give other creators like Get In the Robot, FoundFlix, and Whitelight. All various commentary channels that give their perspective on anime, horror films and gaming. 

Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ve found new content to watch from cooking channels like Joshua Weissman or Arienne Parzei to commentary channels like Schaffrillas Productions. You can also tune into Containment Entertainment for more on the entertainment industry and my full listing of creators to check out. 

Justin Pineda