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Colour Illusion

The colour illusion debate returns: turquoise and grey or pink and white?

colour illusion

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A Facebook post mimicking the famous “dress debate” from 2015 has gone viral as Rachel Stewart shared an image that has the internet going crazy.

Stewart posted a picture of a custom-made Nike outfit paired with matching shoes. In the post, she mentioned that the outfit was pink and white.

This initiated yet another viral debate as social media users commented and disagreed with her statement as they saw the outfit to be turquoise and grey.

It wasn’t very long before Stewart’s Facebook post travelled to other social media hosts and had Twitter and Instagram users heavily involved in the debate as well.

Users were confused as one day the picture appeared to have a pink and white outfit while another day it was turquoise and grey. These mixed responses had the internet talking just as it did two years ago with the dress debate.

Back in 2015, an image of a blue and black or white and gold dress was posted on Tumblr alongside a caption that stated uncertainty of the colour of the dress.

This post became so famous that it was seen on the news where the science behind what our eyes and brains do when they see particular hues was explained through neurologists and other scientists.

After much debate, the creators of the dress did vocalize the truth behind the colours of the dress being black and blue. Echoing this, BiNorth Collection, the custom clothing line that designed the Nike-inspired outfit released a statement about the colours of the outfit.

“Hey guys this is Blue and Gray, NOT Pink and Gray,” BiNorth Collection posted on their Facebook page.

The outfit is currently $120 USD and is in such high demand that it is being sold as a bundle.

By: Julia Colavecchia