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Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell is a Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and overall musician from Thunder Bay, Ontario with Juno nominations under his resume.

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The Canadian artist spends his time making electronic, pop, folk and EDM country music, along with playing the Although Hell makes electronic pop music, he loves other genres, too, like Rap and Hip Hop, which happen to be Hell’s favourite genre, too.

Hell draws inspiration from different places like personal issues, mental health struggles that he deals with – or even other artists, like Lil Uzi Vert.

Aside from having Juno Award nominations, Hell has had his fair share of the mainstream world, with singles on radio.

His song “2 Heads” that released in 2015, reached both 3x Platinum and Gold, “Fireproof” which was released in 2016 also reached Platinum, and “Devotion” which reached Gold – all songs which were part of Hell’s album “Summerland”.

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The album making process consisted of Hell going away to a cabin for over a month so he can feel a different type of vibe and draw inspiration. It was a time to get away from all the craziness of the city life and a time for him and his collaborators to be one with nature by fishing, having bonfires, and even reminiscing on the times they all shared together as a group before taking part of this crazy adventure that Hell has been on thus far.

Hell says that going away to the cabin was a chance for him to go back and reconnect, which made it feel like that was his summerland.

But it hasn’t stopped there for Hellman, he’s a founder of Toronto-based duo, Sideways.

Hell has also taken part in touring with Robert DeLong in 2015 and Twenty One Pilots back in 2016, which helps any artist get their music out and reach a new audience who might have never listened to his music before or even heard about him.

Hell’s full length debut album, “Summerland”, that was released back in 2016 consists of a dozen songs talks a lot about his life and even when he went back to Thunder Bay after living in Toronto for 10 years.

His new single “Polite” is on streaming platforms now.

To learn more about Hell and hear his music, check him out on Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and his website.

- Aluen Navarro – Fenoy