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Can’t focus on your studies? There’s an app for that.

cant focus

The school year is quickly approaching and that means a lot of stress, coffee and a definite lack of sleep.

The ability to balance tests, assignments, friends, significant others, family time and a part-time job is a true skill that may seem impossible.  Time management and organization skills are two key concepts that will guarantee a successful semester.  It is very easy to lose track of things to do as a college student.  With a chaotic mind and scattered thoughts, it is inevitable that studying and focusing gets interrupted with distractions.

It is not enough to have the brain be the sole study tool in today’s society.  There are so many distractions that interfere with your thought process that sometimes you need the help from technology to help keep you on track with your studies.

With the world at the tips of our fingers, it’s as easy as downloading a free app in order to keep a high GPA.  Here are five free apps that will help you study:

Study is a very simple app- just what you need when you’re stressed out.  The app uses scientifically tested and designed sound in order to block out any distracting noises. The app recognizes that surrounding noise makes it very difficult for students to concentrate as there is rarely a quiet place to work at home or school. The app provides 45 minutes of productivity-boosting sound that improves cognition, helps concentration and reduces fatigue.  It is scientifically proven that after every 45 minutes of studying, it is important to take a break in order for the best possible productivity.  Once the soundscape ends, you are reminded to take a break and then hop back on that study train.


Easy Study is a very easy method of creating a study timetable if you do not know where to begin. This app allows for you to map out how you are going to study according to your discretion.  Simply insert the subjects that you need to study for and exactly how long you plan to study for each subject each day.  The app helps you create a schedule that allows for you to manage your time and organize your thoughts.


Sleep Time is an alarm app that tracks your sleep patterns and is able to wake you up during your “light sleep.”  Waking up during your light sleep allows for you to feel better rested and more alert.  The app allows for you to set a desired period of time in which it will wake you up at the best possible time.  This app ensures that you get the best possible sleep and allows for you to wake up to be alert and ready to focus on your studies.  


Self-Control to Focus is probably the most appropriate app for students growing up in a social media society.  If you are the type of person who reads one sentence in your textbook and then refreshes your Instagram or Twitter newsfeed, then this app is for you.  It forces you to set a very difficult-to-remember temporary password on your social media apps. Set a time that you want to be reminded of the password in order to log back into your account- but once you’ve set it, it’s impossible to get around.


Tinycards is the perfect app for exam crunch time.  Tinycards allows for you to memorize anything quickly by using spaced repetition and other learning techniques that allows for you to remember information.  You can either choose flashcards from preset topics or make your own deck and the app adapts your learning plan to your overall progress. The app allows for you to share your decks with friends in order to work with your classmates.


By: Julia Colavecchia