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BEAT the HEAT! Radio Humber style!

beat heat

Well beautiful people, we’ve hit that wonderful time of the year: summer. 

It’s a time filled with shorts, tank tops, sundresses and male rompers!

Well, maybe not male rompers.

The season of patios, cottages, and camping trips have begun and there’s no better way to celebrate than going outdoors!

One problem:  Heat.

With climate change occurring, and global temperatures rising it’s becoming warmer each year.

Every summer we’ve felt the heat and it’s time to fight back! Here are some tips to help beat the heat!

1. Bust into your childhood. For real.

Unfortunately, we are set into the lives of being students, and some of us don’t have AC.

So, what’s a fix for it? Two words. Kiddie Pool. 

You may think: Really dude? We’re not seven anymore.

TO YOU I SAY: We don’t have AC, and it’s a lot cooler than you think!

Inflate your old kiddy pool and throw your trunks on! It’s super great to lie back with your shades on and a cool drink in hand. 

beat heat 2

Homer gets it!

So kick back and enjoy something refreshing.

2. Mr. Freeze. 

Freezies are the most underrated summer snack of all time, and you CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT. 

beat heat 3

Are you telling me you can have a cool, refreshing snack for under 79 cents per delectable frozen treat?


Chow down on freezies while catching some amazing rays. 


People seriously underrate water. Seriously.

beat heat 4

A nice cold drink will satisfy the massive amount of heat sweats affecting you! 

Dehydration is a huge problem during the summer, take care of yourself.

So, it’s time to ditch the fall sweaters and jackets, and slip into some shorts!

Enjoy your summer, and keep cozy!

Josh Rawlings