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Bats, Balls, and a straight right.

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If you can’t get the image of Jose Bautista’s bat flip during AL division series last year, then know you’re not alone. The Texas Rangers remember it clearly. The rivalry between the two teams came to physical confrontation when the Jays played at Globe Life Park Stadium.

It all started when Bautista was beaned center mass by Matt Bush. The Toronto right fielder was practically escorted by the umpire away from home plate before he settled on first base and stared down the Texas pitcher.

It took two more batters and Bautista was off. He stole second and slid past Odor who had to step out of the way.

That’s pretty much when the baseball stopped and the brawling began. Odor walked towards Bautista and shoved him. Bautista reached out with his left before being struck with a right cross. The benches emptied and Kevin Pillar came out swinging.

Whether or not it was good baseball, the whirl of red and blue has news and social media buzzing with pictures of Bautista taking a right hand to the jaw. Odor had nothing to say to the media, but Bautista struck back saying, “It takes a little bit of a bigger man to knock me down.”

Nathan White

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