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Artists create Toronto’s newest city sign

*Image retrieved from the Toronto Sun. 

The Toronto sign located at Nathan Phillips Square is recognized as a landmark of the city as it can be considered as popular as the CN Tower. However, two Toronto artists have demonstrated their patriotism and adoration for the city by creating their very own Toronto sign.

The sign stands on a rocky dock along the water in Humber Bay Park and is made entirely of washed up driftwood. Thelia Sanders-Shelton and Julie Ryan have captured the attention of Torontonians through their D.I.Y. earthy sculpture.

The two artists created a Canada 150 sign for Canada Day that received a great response from locals. They were inspired by the success of that sign and decided to expand their creativity to create the newest Toronto sign.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/original_620/150-wooden-sign.jpg>

*Image retrieved from CBC.

The Toronto sign standing strong in Nathan Phillips Square acted as a 2015 Pan Am Games spirit booster. When the illuminated three-dimensional sign was initially propped up, it received some controversy regarding the high expense of maintaining it. However, by popular demand, the city decided to keep the sign standing and have no ongoing maintenance funding.>

Contrary to this, artists Sanders-Shelton and Ryan have managed to create a sign that only costed them five days, a flashlight, rocks, driftwood and some nails. The temporary monument to Toronto evidently demonstrates the artists’ love for the city as they incorporated a heart shape just after the word “Toronto.” The heart expresses the response that Toronto is a city of love.

Although it is a less flashy attraction in comparison to the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square, the newest creation showcases an artistic and patriotic representation of our home.

By: Julia Colavecchia