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Arkells New Music – ‘A Little Rain’ Review

Last week, Canadian rock band, Arkells, released their new single, ‘Private School Boy / Private School Girl’ – a song about people who are born into privileged lives and don’t realize just how good they have it. After the big coming out of this song and an accompanying music video, the band announced their newest album ‘Morning Report’ would be released this summer, August 5th. The new LP is available for pre-order now and along with it, Arkells have blessed us with a second single, ‘A Little Rain (A Song for Pete)’, to keep us jonesing for another rock album that we can easily get stuck in our heads. ‘11:11’ still pops into mine, at least twice a day.

‘A Little Rain’ is an upbeat sing-along song that encourages positivity and being around for your buds, and you can really feel that vibe with Max Kerman’s vocal range and apparent enthusiasm. Listening to this obvious hit, a groovy old-school-diner tune, really made a blue and rainy Monday feel bright.

The newest single from the band made its Blue Jays debut in association with the “Bringer of Rain” himself, Josh Donaldson. You can catch Arkells at a quite a few festivals this summer, the closest being at WayHome Music and Arts Festival right here in Toronto on July 22nd to the 24th. 



Chelsie Popp