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Are you ready for your first tattoo?

Things to remember before you go under the needle.

By: Tori Fixman


Wanting to get a tattoo can be one of the most impulsive things you may ever do, and if you are confident enough in your decision go for it. If you are similar to how I was before my first tattoos don’t worry nerves can get the best of you, but there are some signs that a tattoo is worth getting. First off is knowing what you want, a common question is do I really want this tattoo? A great indicator to answer this question is if you want the same tattoo for a year or more chances are if you end up getting that tattoo you won’t feel regretful.

tattoo 2

Remember when getting any tattoo especially your first one placement is everything, don’t just settle. If the first time they put the stencil down and you are not satisfied make them move until you know you like the placement. If you’re indecisive like so many other people bring a friend and even if you’re not still, bring a friend, it’s another memory you can have together and it’s always good to have a support system.

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Lastly, make sure to do research before you get your tattoo, no matter what the aspect of the tattoo, from pain to who will be giving you your very first one. There are plenty of different tattoo pain scales that differ from male to female, everyone is different, you won’t know until you try. As for the artist, you can search up the specifics of each artist or you can be more general and search up the tattoo shop. If anything you can take friend recommendations because everyone knows someone who has a tattoo.

Just remember that ink is permanent (for the most part), so think wisely and carefully so you can live life with no regrets.

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