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5 horror movies to check out on Netflix if you’re brave

netflix horror

Not all movies listed under horror are full of gore but sometimes they are full of horrifying scenarios that might make your skin crawl.  There’s nothing like a good spine shiver, so we’ve decided to list a few movies you can find on Netflix that might just make you a little more than uncomfortable. 

If you have a strong affinity for the dark, twisted and macabre, then you’ll rejoice over this list. Not a fan? You should probably back away slowly and whatever you do…don’t…look...behind…you!!!! Just kidding no one’s there, but still back away from this list.

Let’s get things started with a movie that’s light on blood but heavy on reality. This is not by any definition, your typical horror movie. Even with the lack of blood, this first one is on this list because, well, it’s creepy.  

#5 -  CREEP (2014)


Aaron responds to an ad looking for a videographer. The job is simple enough, shoot a video for a dying man’s unborn child, get paid $1000. When the man starts making weird requests, Aaron doesn’t think much of it. As the day progresses, the requests get stranger and Aaron comes to realize that things aren’t quite what they seem. 

#4 - THE INVITATION (2015)


When Will attends a dinner party thrown by his ex-wife, Eden, and her new husband, he can’t help feeling like things are amiss in the place he used to call home. He hasn’t seen his ex in years, of course she’s different. Still there’s something he just can’t quite put his finger on, despite his friends’ reassurances that everything’s fine. The couple’s plans are laid out in just the right way to keep you wondering when the real fun will start. 

#3 - YOU’RE NEXT (2011)

your next 

A family getaway in a remote cottage turns into a house of horrors for the Davison’s and their guests. Trapped inside by a group of deranged killers, wielding cross-bows, axes, and carefully set traps, Erin has to rely on her past if she wants to survive. The killers are in for a surprise when Erin starts showcasing just how strong her will and her ability to survive truly is. 


tucker and dale vs evil

This movie is great because not only is it heavy on blood and gore but it’s just as heavy on the laughs. When Tucker and Dale decide to visit their cabin in the woods for a relaxing vacation they’re confronted by a bunch of bratty teens. When one of their friends goes missing, the teens assume Tucker and Dale had something to do with his disappearance. The friends, now convinced that the pals are actually bloodthirsty psychopaths, decide they need to protect themselves by any means necessary. Cue hilarity as confusion between the two groups ensues. 

#1 - WOLF CREEK (2005)

wolf creek 

Last but by far not the least, this movie holds a spot on this list because it’s cat and mouse at its finest. While backpacking in the Australian outback, three friends find themselves stranded when their car breaks down after a day of sightseeing. Mick Taylor offers to give them a hand with their car, he owns a shop, just a little ways North…or was it South? While it’s clear what takes place once they get back to his shop, it’s the chase that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This movie brilliantly captures the exciting hunt and chase of predator and prey. Suspense, blood, realism, cool Australian accents. Do you really need more convincing? 

This isn’t your typical slasher, damsel in distress, psycho killer blood bath movie list. If you’re tired of that same old narrative, definitely give one of these “horror” films a watch.

By Josette Lafleur