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5 Cute Summer Date Ideas

couple on a beach

It’s summer time so you may have found some new hot summer love or maybe not but, I’m sure you and your BFF will still have a blast with these date ideas.

Let’s be real the weather so far this summer has been terrible and it makes it really hard to enjoy yourself especially if you want to go out and spend time in the sun BECAUSE there’s been no SUN (literally).

Here’s some date Ideas for the beautiful days and the not so nice days:

watch movie

1.) Go to a Movie – This may seem basic but, it’s one of the easiest ways to go whether you have been with the person forever or you just met them about a week ago. It’s not to nerve racking and who doesn’t like watching movies. You don’t even have to go to a regular theater there’s drive ins around the city, movies outdoors within the city and down by the docks.

Hit a Concert

2.) Hit a Concert – Toronto is filled with Concerts and festivals all summer long and July and August have some of the best music festivals. Who knows maybe you will find out you have similar music taste. Click here to check out what concerts are coming up.

ROM or Science Center

3.) ROM or Science Center – The ROM or Science center is a totally cute date idea and it’s perfect for those rainy summer days because you’ll be inside looking at history and cool things while getting to know your potential partner.

Grab Lunch or Dinner

4.) Grab Lunch or Dinner – Another classic, but hey it works and trust me it’s way more appealing then NETFLIX AND CHILL. Going out for lunch or dinner is a very good way to get to know the other person and it doesn’t have to be all romantic if you’re not about that. Check out a patio downtown or a little diner if you don’t want to go all out.

Go to a Game

5) Go to a Game – Toronto always has games going on so why not rep your own. Go to a Jays game or a basketball game it’s fun and affordable and something different to do. 

By: Antonia Altomonte