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4 Songs That Would Be Perfect For Show Openings

Puscifer – The Humbling River
When you listen to the song, you might think of empty streets and broken cities. The song is about a powerful leader, having crushed everything in his way, from mountains to nature itself, but seems to be stopped by a simple river. The song would go with show surrounding a destructive event, with characters trying to stay alive and build new lives for themselves in a world they don’t know. The intro would have quick cuts of deserted streets filled with rubble, destroyed barricades, barbed wire and wrecked tanks. 

Stitch – Dexter Anodyne
Albeit very specific, this song would be perfect for a serial adaptation of Army of One by Junji Ito. Being inspired by the manga itself, the song basically portrays the thought process of someone who is affected by the Lonely Only mania, a strange condition in which people stitch themselves together in large groups. For anyone who has never heard about Army of One, the ominous lyrics and solemn guitar would be perfect during the end of the pilot, when the main character realizes just what is happening, slumping down against a wall or simply curling up in a ball and begins to slowly lose their mind. Over the following episodes, the song would seem to center on the main character rather than the infected, as he/she tries to survive and ultimately succumbs to the Lonely Only syndrome.

Boston and Saint Johns – Great Big Sea
Boston and Saint John’s tells the story of a sailor leaving his wife/girlfriend alone in Newfoundland as he takes a trip to Boston. The works perfectly with a love triangle type story, with the main character returning after years of being at sea, possibly with a changed conscious or even with a lost limb, only to realize that his beloved has moved on. The show could center on the man trying to get his old life back, with the setting being either during colonial times or during the 1960’s in Saint Johns or anywhere in the Maritimes. 

Price of a Mile – Sabaton
Most of Sabatons works would fit well with any series centered on a conflict between nations, especially if it was set during a period before the 1800’s, especially during a well-known conflict or event during some kind of war. Price of a Mile would perfect for a drama set during the First World War, surrounding a group of British or other entente soldiers as they simply try to survive the war. Each episode would end with the characters attacking or being attacked by the enemy, leaving one or two of the characters dead, harkening to the successful formula of Game of Thrones and making the intro song more powerful with each episode.

Cody Fewer