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3 Websites To Help You Find A Roommate

3 sites find roommates

A new school year is on fast approach, and whether you’re sick of living in residence or just looking to save some money, you may need a new roommate or two. Finding a stranger to live with is an intimidating prospect, so hopefully these three websites will make it a little easier for you to meet some new roomies: 


The great thing about Roomster is that it gives you so much information. You’re able to see a photograph of your new friends, along with their budget, what are they would like to live in, and some people even have extra info listed such as their political leanings, or whether they’re a smoker or not. If you’re scoping out a new place -- whether it’s a private room or an entire house/apartment -- unfortunately, you only get to see one photograph, so Roomster is much better for looking for people to live with, rather than finding somewhere to live. Still, the handy budget slider and other filters (Zodiac sign, age, pet friendliness) help you narrow down your results, and you can even check out a person’s Facebook page, which is no doubt handy when you’re vetting potential candidates. 


You’re always going to find a ton of student listings for room rental on Kijiji, whether you want to live lavishly or save on rent. You’ll often see multiple photographs for room and house rentals, so you can save yourself a trip if a place doesn’t have what you need. Now, if it’s a roommate you’re looking for, Roomster has far more options, but that isn’t to say that you won’t meet your new best friend on Kijiji.


The plainest looking website of them all, you can still find a great deal on Craigslist. While it lacks the functionality of Roomster and Kijiji, take a look and you’ll see that there are indeed some very nice places listed here. Give it a try! 

By Sean Madigan