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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Transit Commute


Big city public transit can be an incredibly convenient service to have at your disposal, whether you’re attending school or making waves in the workforce, but how could you best use the time you spend on your transit commute? Here are a few things that might be more fun and productive than gazing out the window:

Write A Handwritten Letter To A Loved One 

With today’s prevalence of electronic devices, there are a myriad of ways that we’re able to communicate with each other. However, we all receive so many texts and e-mails everyday that one electronic correspondence hardly feels any more special than another, so if you want to make an extra special impression on someone, why not use your transit time to pen a letter?

You may find that writing by hand will produce different results compared to what comes out when you’re typing on your phone using your thumbs, as your brain handles the two tasks in completely different ways. If you want to really go wild, maybe pick up some fancy stationery to make the recipient of your handwritten letter feel extra special. Who knows, you might even jump up a few spaces on their Christmas list! 

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Stay Sharp With A Crossword Puzzle

Sometimes it can be nice to watch the city pass by, but staring out the window isn’t exactly the most intellectually stimulating activity, and that’s where a crossword could come into play. If obscure words aren’t exactly your strong suit, maybe you could replace the crossword with a sudoku, or failing that, any number of brain game apps you could find for your mobile. Either way, keep your brain on that grind! 

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Read (An Actual Book) 

Rather than using your phone to read celebrity gossip or scroll through Instagram, pick up a good book to keep the imagination lively. Reading fiction is especially great for boosting your vocabulary and your writing skills, or maybe some non-fiction could help improve your worldly knowledge, so do LeVar Burton proud and pick up a book...e-readers are acceptable too!

By Sean Madigan