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3 Horror Movies to Watch

3 Horror Movies to Watch

No matter what time of year it is, we all have time for a little horror in our lives. There’s something about these types of movies that draw you in. Maybe it’s the haunting music, the characters, that eerie silence that fills the theatre when the killer gets a little too close. Or maybe it’s that feeling of paranoia you get when everything’s going well and suddenly there’s a noise down the hall. It all comes down to suspense, frustration and fear. And for some reason, we can’t get enough of it. So here I am giving you three horror movies to watch this summer…. Or you know, whenever you want to watch them.

1. Don’t Breathe 

Don’t Breathe

This movie is about three teens, Rocky, Alex and Money, who live their lives by stealing money and countless other items from the homes of the rich. Alex’s father is associated with the home security system for these wealthy people which helps with the break-ins. But of course when word gets around that The Blind Man, a war veteran, has $300,000 hidden somewhere in his house, it catches the attention of the trio. As this movie is set during a robbery, there is little to no speaking during the film, allowing the audience to bring suspense and anticipation upon themselves as they realize this war veteran takes no prisoners, relying purely on his sense of touch and hearing to capture them. This movie may even have you holding your breath as well with a cringe-worthy plot twist.

2. The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Based on a true story (That’s exciting), this film set in 19670 follows Ed and Lorraine who are world renowned demonologists are invited to a home of a family of seven who seemed to have dark paranormal activity happening in their home. These events are light at first, the simple closing of a door when you’re not looking, the occasional cutlery “pushed” off the table. But when the gruesome past of the house is revealed, the supernatural comeback with a fiery vengeance. This movie will truly keep you on the edge of your seat if you like jump scares and the paranormal.

3. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Now this… this is a movie you have to see. No random door magically slamming closed, no exorcism. Not even the presence of a serial killer. Just a really sadistic man with a passion for games at the dinner table. The film is about a woman named Iris who is in desperate need of money for her brother’s surgery. She is introduced to Shepard Lambrick, who offers to pay for her brother’s surgery if she win a game being played at his party. Seemed easy enough, so she agreed to come. Iris quickly realized that this isn’t just an innocent game, but a more lethal, last man standing game of Would You Rather. Getting whipped, stabbed, and drowned. See if you can make it to the end of this one.

Thuriga Balasubramaniam