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3 Great Reasons Why Frisbee Is Your Gateway To Summer


Have you ever found yourself stuck inside the house on a warm summer day, staring out the window, wanting to go outside and enjoy the weather, but you just can’t think of anything to do once you get out there? Get a frisbee! The aerodynamic flying disc has been a staple of the outdoors for almost seventy years, and the cheap cost of a frisbee makes it an ideal form of fun for the broke student. Not only is it very affordable to enjoy, it also has several benefits, such as:

Frisbee is a good way to make friends. All you need for a good toss is some people and a wide open space, and if you don’t have the required people, just head to a park, the beach, wherever, and you’ll likely meet some. One great thing about frisbee is that the barrier to entry is very low, and it’s also easy to learn, so getting a good disc circle going with new friends is easy as can be.

Frisbee is fun for the dog. They love to be part of the crew, so why not include the little pooch in some summertime disc toss? Dogs love to run and they also love to catch things using their mouths, so it’s a perfect fit. Just be sure to play in an area where it’s safe for your hound to be off their leash...frisbee can get pretty intense!

Frisbee is good for your health. You can wild out as much or as little as you want. Maybe you just want to stand and throw, or maybe you want to run and catch. Whether you want to take it easy or go hard in the paint, you’re getting exercise. Few things can compare to the satisfaction that comes with knowing you gave it your all, so maybe start out slow, then go out in a blaze of frisbee glory. 

So yeah. Frisbee. Isn’t it exciting? Now you’ll never have to stay in on a beautiful, sunny day ever again, and it’s all thanks to a cheap, circular piece of plastic.

By Sean Madigan