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3 Great Places to Study in Toronto

By: Tori Fixman

prepare yourself exams are coming 

As the semester is winding down and it seems like the work load is growing, you may need a good place to study for all the exams you have or to do any work you may have to do. Though some people would prefer to work from home, sometimes it’s easier to be away from the temptations of your house and go somewhere else, and this is where great study places in Toronto come into play. In no particular order here they are:

The Toronto Reference Library.


Nothing is better than a solid library, especially if you need some peace and quiet and a lot of reference material. Located at Yonge and Bloor it’s super easy to get to by transit and they have so much room for individual studying as well as group studying. All in all a great place to study and if you need your coffee fix, they have Balzac’s coffee on the first floor of the building. And the higher up you go in the library, the quieter it is.




This is probably the easiest of the 3 to come across as there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner. The great thing about Starbucks is that not only does it have great beverages and free water but it has a pretty strong Wi-Fi connection which is great for research projects or if you need a break from studying to check your Facebook. Most Starbucks’ also have pretty comfortable seating so you can hop on a couch and do any work that you may need to do.

The third floor of the LRC. 

lrc third floor

Finally if you want a great place to study, look no further than the study floor of the Learning Resource Commons. Located on the third floor of the building there is nowhere on campus that is quieter than the third floor, even the library is louder. This floor is designed purely for single person studying and does have study rooms available if you’d like to work in a group. Simple as that and you don’t even have to leave the school.

Good luck studying and may the grade gods be with you!