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10 Websites To Help You Survive Humber College

By Nathan White (@nathanwhitendw)

May 26th, 2016 

Take a deep breath, because college can be crazy! Listed below ere are some websites to help make life less stressful and a bit more fun. The good news is that there are countless more sites out there like the ones mentioned below. If you have some favorites of your own, let us know!

1.  and

If you have trouble sleeping or get distracted while working, these sites can help save your grade point average and get rid of those bags under your eyes. Pick from several different ambient noises to play in the background while you do your thing. There is even a timer to shut it off for you in case you drift asleep.


They say Reddit is the front page of the Internet, but what if you need page 5002-5004? These websites help you get to the information you need quickly. Whether it’s a YouTube show or a how-to site, if you can think to ask the question there is probably an answer out there.

3.  and

Look, it’s a harsh reality that we learned how to do calculus and not how to budget in school, but we all need to learn some time. These websites help you put your financial plans on paper. While you may find it hard not to max out that bank account, place your budget on a spreadsheet and see if it helps you reconsider.


We could all use any advantage we can get in life. Whether it’s money off tuition or simply a loan to pay off your debt, these are financial aid packages worth considering. The two hours you spend here could earn you a thousand dollars in bursaries. 


All of these sites help you put your daily goals in front of you, making them more manageable and, more importantly, fun! Habitica turns your daily chores into a game (run for ten minutes, gain a level; do your dishes, gain a level). Give yourself a reward for everyday life.



Connect with your community! School, work, and sleep can make your days drag. Put a little extra effort in and get out there. Not only will you have better stories to tell, but your year will be much more memorable.


Life isn’t all about money, but it sure does help. Save a little extra cash by spending less on the things you have to buy. Be careful! 


This website will assist you with notes and, well, anything else. Simply put, this will save you time and paper.  


So you think adding hot dogs to Kraft Dinner makes you a chef? While it may not kill you, it surely won’t make you feel any better. These sites help you get recipes using whatever you may have to hand in your fridge. You can be a chef in no time, just make sure you buy more than Kraft Dinner and hot dogs.   

11. (BONUS!)

I can’t guarantee this will help you survive college, but who am I to say it won’t? The Humane Society of Utah lets you play with cats online. You simply log on and move the camera and toys around. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially for those suffering from allergies.