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10 Foods You Can Cook In Your Microwave

The birth of the microwave transformed kitchens around the world. Did you know that the microwave was accidentally invented? This kitchen gadget has saved families everywhere the time and stress of slaving over a hot stove. It has simplified the culinary world and has become a kitchen necessity especially for college students like me. 

A lot of college students don’t have the time or energy to cook meals everyday. Many meals are time consuming and between studying, working a part-time job, and going to class, many students simply don’t have the time to cook. If you’re a student or just busy in general, here is a list of 10 delicious recipes that you can cook in your microwave within minutes.

1. Crispy Potato Chips

Believe it or not, you can make this popular snack using your good old trusty microwave. What makes this recipe even better is that you can decide if you want to add any salt or oils. Not only is this recipe convenient, it’s also much healthier compared to the store bought version. So if you have a couple potatoes lying around your house, why not make yourself this healthy snack? You can find the recipe here. And if you’re in the mood to give these chips a sweet twist, you can try this sweet potato version.

potato chips


2. Granola Bars

Granola bars can get expensive at the grocery store and some brands are packed with sugars and preservatives. This simple microwave granola bar recipe will save you money without sacrificing any flavour. The beauty of this recipe is that you can tailor it to your taste buds and add whatever other ingredients you may like.



3. Quiche in a Mug

Who says you can’t eat a classy breakfast out of a mug? This recipe has a few basic ingredients that when combined, will give you big flavour. What makes it even better is that you can tweak the recipe to your preference. If you don’t like tomatoes you can substitute other veggies or even add any leftover meat you may have. You can find this elegant 1-minute breakfast here.



4. Cinnamon Maple Breakfast Quinoa 

Until I came across this recipe, I never knew that you could have quinoa as a breakfast food. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also a gluten-free superfood that’s full of protein and fiber. You can top the finished product off with fresh fruit or any other toppings you desire. So ditch your regular oatmeal and try out this delicious breakfast quinoa.



5. Mac n’ Cheese 

Mac n’ Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. With its rich flavour it’s hard to believe that you can make this classic dish by only using a microwave. If you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, this recipe features basic ingredients that you may already have in your pantry or fridge. You can spice the recipe up by adding veggies, chicken, or even seafood. Here’s a how-to video on how to make one of the most simple yet delicious mac n’ cheese dishes you’ve ever had!

mac and cheese


6. Vegetarian Enchiladas

Apart from tacos and burritos, enchiladas are one of my favourite Mexican foods. And now that I know you can make them in the microwave, I have even more love for this tasty meal. This is the perfect recipe for you if you want to have hearty meal while on a budget. This recipe will keep you full and has such simple ingredients. You can’t go wrong. This recipe is vegetarian friendly but if you do want to bulk it up, go ahead and add protein.



7. Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

Who says a treat can’t be healthy? This decadent chocolate mug cake is not only quick and easy to make, but it’s also Paleo. The Paleo Diet has been very popular recently and it’s great to see that people can treat themselves without feeling guilty. So go ahead and take 5 minutes after dinner to try this recipe out.

chocolate cake


8. Minute Cheesecake

If you’re craving cheesecake after a long night of studying, you no longer have to trek to the grocery store to satisfy your craving. All you have to do is combine eggs, cream cheese, sour cream and a few other base ingredients and you’ll have a cheesecake in no time. What’s even better is that it’s a single serving so you don’t have to worry about over-indulging. You can find the exact measurements and full recipe here.



9. Cookies 

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves cookies. It’s hard to go wrong when there are just so many varieties of this childhood snack. If you didn’t already know, you can actually “bake” cookies in the microwave! Just make sure you have the basic baking necessities on hand such as eggs, flour, butter, and sugar. Here’s a “how to” video done by Youtube baker extraordinaire, Gemma Stafford. She’ll show you how to make three classic cookies in a more modern way.



10. Chocolate Fudge S’mores Mug Cake

Last but certainly not least is this rich Chocolate Fudge S’mores Mug Cake. If the name isn’t enough to make you want to try it out, maybe its 5 minute cooking time will change your mind. This is a dessert you most definitely won’t want to pass up. You may even want seconds. 

smores cake


That’s it for the list of 10 Foods You Can Cook In Your Microwave. Do you have other microwave recipes you want us to know about? Have you tried any of these recipes? If you do, then make sure to send us pictures and Tweet us your creations @RadioHumber. If you liked this post and want more lists involving quick and easy food recipes make sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter. 

-Asia Snowdon