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Canadian Music Week 2018: Letters From Pluto

cmw 2018

Canadian Music Week is one of the premier musical events in Canada. It’s not just about the music though. It also holds award shows with film, comedy and new music festivals. It spans 10 nights of performances, with 600 bands in approx. 35 live music joints in Toronto. 

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The Evolution of Timber Timbre

timber timbre

In their earlier days, Timber Timbre was an alternative folk band. Their songs were largely acoustic with light brush strokes of organ and gentle percussion. Religious and traditional Gothic imagery sewn masterfully into their lyrics.

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Meaning Behind Arkells’ single “People’s Champ”


The latest offering from Arkells, a single entitled “People’s Champ”, sounds like a scathing review of the Trump administration.

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Avengers Infinity Wars: What does this mean?

m & ms

It's been 10 years since Nick Fury first walked across our screens and spoke of forming a team with unique talents. The Avengers was a project put together with a single goal in mind: to be the most ambitious superhero crossover event in history, and the most recent installation: The Avengers Infinity War has been just that.

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RAMPAGE – A movie about Science, animals, and individuals...


Imagine a world where a gorilla, wolf and a crocodile crossed warthog gets infected by pathogens which turn them into vicious beasts. But it is up to only one individual, Dwayne Johnson who stars as Davies Okoye to put an end to this rampage.

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“Same Old Experience”

same old experience

Have you ever had that feeling where the same old traditions, events, and outings that you’ve done in the past just don’t have that same spark? Are your friends looking at you, saying things like “you’ve changed” or “There’s something different this year about you” so something along those lines?

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"Radicalized” Vegan Parents Face Prison For Restricting Children to Vegan Diet

children eating vegetables

A recent report from The New Zealand Herald indicates that Elvra Savino of the political party Forza Italia has proposed a new law that could imprison “radicalized” vegan parents for providing their children with a vegan diet.

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10 Affordable College Dinners

college dinner

As college students, a lot of people know how tight money can be. 

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10 Foods You Can Cook In Your Microwave

potato chips

The birth of the microwave transformed kitchens around the world. Did you know that the microwave was accidentally invented? This kitchen gadget has saved families everywhere the time and stress of slaving over a hot stove.

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10 Travel tips for your summer adventures

dream travel explore

As summer approaches, we are making plans and getting ready to celebrate the end of the school year. Let's take a look at a few tips on how to make the best out of our travels!

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