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Little Scream’s Big Release

little scream

Montreal-based singer, song writer and guitarist, Laurel Sprengelmeyer, also known as Little Scream has been making music under that name since 2008. 

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Lost Cousins

lost cousins

Originally from Kingston Ontario, and later having established out of a basement, downtown in the city of Toronto, which was a new home to the Canadian Indie rock band 'Lost Cousins' ;

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Moscow Apartment: The Next Generation of Canadian Music

moscow apartment

The biggest thing the average 15-year-old has to worry about is what colour to paint their nails or the 750-word paper due for their history class. That isn't the case for the two founders of Toronto Indie Rock group Moscow Apartement.

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The Darcys Heading to Riverfest


The Canadian dance-oriented, electronic-pop duo The Darcys are heading to Riverfest Elora. The group first formed in Etobicoke, Ontario in 2007 with singer/songwriter Jason Couse and Wes Marskel.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage

rural alberta

The Rural Alberta Advantage is an indie rock band who, contrary to their name, were formed in Toronto in 2005. The lead vocalist and guitarist, Nils Edenloff, originally made the band with Paul Banwatt on drums, and Amy Cole on keyboards and bass.

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Yukon Blonde

yukon blonde

Canada's Yukon Blonde is currently on their Canadian summer tour. They have been to Oshawa, Niagara, Edmonton and are heading to Calgary and Vancouver.

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The Great Lake Swimmers Set to Dive Back In

great lake swimmers

Originally from Wainfleet, Ontario, this indie folk band, which is led by singer and songwriter Tony Dekker has established itself as a beloved indie folk act across Canada and internationally for over 15 years as of 2018. Collectively the band has over seven albums and quite a few EPs to show for these very years that they have flourished exceptionally;

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Who is Witch Prophet?

witch prophet

Canada is a country of many beautiful things. It is made up of breathtaking landscapes, and of course filled with talented, creative, and powerful human beings.

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Toronto pop star Kayla Diamond wants you to know about Heartbreak

kayla diamond

Toronto Pop singer Kayla Diamond was never supposed to be an artist. In fact, she was aiming to become a lawyer.

Everything changed one day with a dream she said she had the summer before starting law school. Her own bio explains how it all happened: “Awaking with a melody in her head, lyrics poured out in a stream of divine inspiration; before she knew it, she had written her first song Crazy.

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GONE SUGAR DIE releases debut single “Heartbreak Jewelry.”

gone sugar die

The Canadian-American duo Gone Sugar Die is a smart mix between synth punk and indie pop. The guiding principle for Patrick McWilliams and Mike Hindert is to make music the world can dance to.

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