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Rich Aucoin

rich aucoin

Born and raised Canadian artist, singer and song writer, Rich Aucoin was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Reuben and the Dark

reuben and the dark

Canadian indie folk band from Calgary, Alberta consists of five band members; Shea Alain, Brock Geiger, Ian Jarvis, Brendan ‘Dino’ Soares, who play multiple instruments and lead vocalist, Reuben Bullock.

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The Era of Cyberpunk


Hello from the future! And by the future, I mean 2077. That’s right we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077 that will be hitting the shelves of stores and be available for digital download in April of 2020.

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The Canadian Take on Pizza

pizza 1

Located just a few short blocks from Humber’s Lakeshore campus there’s a small pizza joint that’s a favourite of the locals. 850 Degrees Pizzeria prides themselves in the high quality of their pies. Every aspect of their pizzas is handled with intense care, from the dough, to the cheese, to all the toppings. Not to mention they exclusively use fresh Canadian ingredients in and on all their pizza.

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Max Payne - A Retrospective Review

Control is an upcoming video game by Remedy Entertainment set to release this August. Remedy’s game design focuses on creative, physics bending mechanics that challenge the player to think outside of the box whether it comes to solving puzzles or dispatching enemies.

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Michelle Nadon Interview

michelle nadon

There is no cheat code in getting a job in this market. Students at Humber College will face the challenge of getting a job after their program has ended.

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Union Duke

union duke

Union Duke is constantly evolving their unique sound. Whether you refer to their music as indie rock, folk, country or alternative, one thing is for sure: they will have you up and dancing.

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Yes, We Mystic

yes we mystic

Canadian art pop band, Yes, We Mystic are starting off their summer tour in Hamilton, Ontario (with serval Canadian tour dates) to perform songs from their latest album Ten Seated Figures, which is a follow up to their debut album, Forgiver, which was released back in 2016.

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Poor Nameless Boy

Poor Nameless Boy

Regina folk artist Joel Henderson, is better known by his stage name, Poor Nameless Boy.

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Alexisonfire Drop Two Singles, Kick Off Tour

alexis on fire

Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire is back, and anticipation is building among fans.

The band, originally from St. Catharines, is known for the combination of the harsh bark of frontman George Pettit, and the soft melodic vocals of Dallas Green (City and Colour).

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