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And the nominees are…

alessia cara

This year’s Juno nominations are in, and Radio Humber had the pleasure of meeting many of this year’s nominees.

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All Eyes on Downie

Gord Downie is an exuberant front man. Top hat, handkerchief, fitted trousers, boots & neutral tones: these fashion pieces are part of his iconic look. 

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Album Review: “Guardians of the Zone” - Tupper Ware Remix Party

If you’ve ever ventured around the streets of Toronto late at night, chances are you’ve already experienced the majesty of a live Tupper Ware Remix Partyshow, as they have become infamous for impromptu street performances.

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Album Review: TOWANDA - “Plaything”


If you saw Montreal band Towanda live at the Smiling Buddha last month, then you already know that they are very loud.

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Album Review: Sour Dream by Astrolope


Astrolope is a busy artist. Between frequent collaborations with other artists on the Plutoid label, and being a part of crazy lineups all of Toronto, he also created a solid soundscape of digital bliss.

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Album Review: PUP – The Dream Is Over

For an album entitled "The Dream Is Over," Toronto's own PUP has a lot of ambition in their music, and despite the conclusory nature of the title, has their entire career ahead of them.

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Album Review: Morning Report by The Arkells

The Arkells have been in the music scene for a decade now, and their age is showing. But this is not a bad thing.

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Album Review: Feist-Pleasure

feist pleasure

Leslie Feist has been absent from her own musical endeavors for six years. Her previous record from 2011, Metals, saw Feist in a lo-fi and intentionally unpolished musical realm.

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Album Review: Afraid of Heights (Billy Talent)

Billy Talent are easily Canadian rock and roll veterans at this point. Since their early days of Pezz, they have been writing and playing music since before many Humber College students were even born.

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A Punk Rock Pilgrimage: Amnesia Rockfest 2016

Toronto is home to so many music festivals. However, for those who like their music a little loud, the options get sparse very quickly.

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