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Che Durena: One of Canada’s Top Comics visits Radio Humber

Radio Humber's Nathan White sits down with one of the hottest young comedians in the nation.

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Chad Brownlee: From the Hockey Rink to the Concert Stage

Chad Brownlee playing guitar

Kelowna, British Columbia’s Chad Brownlee is a man of many talents. If the name sounds familiar, you may recognize it because he was a former pro hockey player and a sixth round draft pick of the Vancouver Canucks.

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Can’t focus on your studies? There’s an app for that.

cant focus

The school year is quickly approaching and that means a lot of stress, coffee and a definite lack of sleep.

The ability to balance tests, assignments, friends, significant others, family time and a part-time job is a true skill that may seem impossible.

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Cancelled Shows That Need To Make a Comeback

Samantha Roman highlights some must-see, defunct programming that viewers want to see brought back to life.

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Canadians held their own at the 59th Grammy Awards

canadian grammys

Canada, and Humber Music, was well represented at the 59th Grammy Awards.

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Canadian Spotlight: Five Electronic Artists to Check Out

electronic artists

Canadian music is bursting at the seams in terms of growth. Whether it’s the lasting stamp that our country’s rock outfits have placed on the world or the meteoric rise in hip-hop influencers, Canucks are in the midst of a takeover.

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Canadian Road Trips

You need some quality tunes to compliment the open road and beautiful scenery this country has to offer. A well curated playlist can make a perfect score for your grand adventure, whether you're on the way to the cottage or making the pilgrimage across the country.

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Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week just wrapped up and Radio Humber was there. We had such a great time jamming out to some of the freshest tunes and newest acts.

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Canadian Come Up: Alessia Cara

alessia cara

It was just two years ago in 2015 that Alessia Cara, an 18 year-old singer from Brampton, Ontario, got her big break signing a record deal with EP Entertainment.

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Canadian Artists Reign Supreme at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

canadian artists

It was a lucky night in Las Vegas for Canadian talent as they took home a combined total of 12 awards, one for each month our talent dominated the airwaves in the last year.

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