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The Grand Analog

grand analog

Toronto Hip-Hop, Dub and R&B group, The Grand Analog are a group of five musicians self-described beat junkies.

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The PUP Reign

the pup reign

Breakout superstars ‘PUP’, made their first appearance back in 2011 featuring childhood friends Stefan Babcock, Nestor Chumak, Steve Sladkowski and Zack Mykula; under the formerly known band name ‘Topanga.’

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Twin Flames showcase the importance of being proud of their roots through their songs

twin flames

Twin Flames are a group of husband and wife that represents their First Nation heritage through their music blends.

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Hometown Band Goodbye Honolulu showcases that they can bring a new spin to old sounds.

goodbye honolulu

What happens when you get four teenagers that decides to form a rock ‘n’ roll band? A crazy, attitude full performances that leaves their audiences rocking.

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Canada’s Next Breakthrough Band: Dizzy


Many Canadian artists and bands have rose to stardom in recent years. The province of Ontario has birthed dozens of musical stars in multiple genres. Predominantly in Hip-Hop and R&B with the likes of Drake and The Weeknd dominating the charts for several years.

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Coleman Hell

coleman hell

Coleman Hell is a Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and overall musician from Thunder Bay, Ontario with Juno nominations under his resume.

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A Review on Walrus' New Video "Cool to Who"

walrus 1

If you're a self-proclaimed indie music connoisseur looking to discover new sounds, look no further than Walrus. A Canadian band based in Halifax, influenced by Britpop and garage-psych quartet, passionate, tireless and unstoppable.

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Rich Aucoin

rich aucoin

Born and raised Canadian artist, singer and song writer, Rich Aucoin was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Reuben and the Dark

reuben and the dark

Canadian indie folk band from Calgary, Alberta consists of five band members; Shea Alain, Brock Geiger, Ian Jarvis, Brendan ‘Dino’ Soares, who play multiple instruments and lead vocalist, Reuben Bullock.

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The Era of Cyberpunk


Hello from the future! And by the future, I mean 2077. That’s right we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077 that will be hitting the shelves of stores and be available for digital download in April of 2020.

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