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The Legacy of The BeaverTail


Canada is home to many delicious treats that are not as well recognized as they should be across the world. Can we get some more respect for Poutine, Timbits, Lay’s Ketchup Chips, and the biggest omission of all, Beavertails?!

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What can I learn from Disney Pixar’s movies?


Most of us (if not everyone) enjoys watching movies no matter if it is at home, at the cinema, alone or with some company.

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Plants 101


One thing that has become more popular than ever now a days, is Plants! No joke, plants have become the new pets/children, the majority of plant owners even name their plants.

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Grimes: Short History of the Musician


Canadian artist and musician Grimes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She soon moved to Montreal, Quebec, where she started working under her alias Grimes.

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Sarah Thawer: The rising of a Drum Guru


Sarah Thawer is a JUNO Award-nominated pro-drummer based in Toronto.

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Justice League: The Snyder Cut delivers on unfulfilled promises

justice league

The time has finally arrived. After a nearly three-year campaign of hashtags and harassment, Justice League: The Snyder Cut is available for our viewing pleasure.

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A Look Back into Platinum Blonde’s 1983 Record - ‘Standing In The Dark’

platinum blonde

Get your hair spray and excessive amounts of make-up ready, we are going back to the year 1983 which practically was the start of the 80’s we know today.

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Containment Content: Cooks and Commentators

cooks and commentators

Since the lockdown, Content Creation seems to be on the rise, and this comes as no surprise. With all of us cooped up in our homes, some of us have gotten into new hobbies, tried things we often wouldn’t have.

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Multi-talented Canadian Artist Lennon Stella Releases New Album

lennon stella

Lennon Stella, a Canadian singer and actress named her new album “Three. Two. One”. The debut album was dropped in April and you can watch the video here

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Carly Rae Jepsen Releases “Dedicated Side B”, The love letter for all living Room Dancing

carly rae

There couldn’t have been a better time for the Canadian pop queen to drop her latest album “Dedicated Side B”. As Fans were speculating the release of another “Side B” following the one year anniversary of Dedicated, the British Colombian superstar teases at the idea with her Twitter video showcasing the album title in different animated type faces.

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