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Album Review: Morgan Zwicker Jazz Project’s Phase Shift

phase shift

In many ways, it’s a miracle that any music was recorded live in studios this year at all.

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A look into The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto: a place where creative artists flourish!

club toronto

Arts and culture facilities – such as museums, galleries, and festivals – facilitate a sense of belonging.

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3 Easy (and Healthy) One-Pan Recipes

one pan

If you’re like me, you love and hate cooking at the same time. All the dishes and ingredients that are needed and involved to cook a meal make it a real hassle.

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Running 101

running 101

The nice weather is coming out, and hopefully, it is here to stay. For many, it’s the time when outdoor activities are on the rise, and people are looking for their next great adventure.

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Types of Rice and the Dishes You Can Cook At Home

rice thumb

Rice is a staple ingredient in more than 100 countries around the world.

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The Art of Breaking

breaking thumb

Breaking aka bboying is an art form that most people know very little about!

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Great Exercises to Do While At Home

push ups

We all know that staying active is very important for our health and some of us might be thinking that you need to have access to a gym to do that.

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Ontario views you didn’t know existed

ontario views

There are many parts of Ontario that people may not get to explore. Especially for those living in the GTA.

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While We Love Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Boy Problems’ Seems to Promote False Positivity

carly rae

Boy Problems hit the airwaves in the spring of 2016 – and while critics applaud it for its more than catchy tune and its upbeat pop sound, what cannot be denied is the faux-feminism found within its lyrics

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Who is WondaGurl?


Ebony “WondaGurl” Oshunrinde is a Canadian record producer, songwriter, and record executive from right here in Toronto, Ontario.

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