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Containment Content: Cooks and Commentators

cooks and commentators

Since the lockdown, Content Creation seems to be on the rise, and this comes as no surprise. With all of us cooped up in our homes, some of us have gotten into new hobbies, tried things we often wouldn’t have.

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Multi-talented Canadian Artist Lennon Stella Releases New Album

lennon stella

Lennon Stella, a Canadian singer and actress named her new album “Three. Two. One”. The debut album was dropped in April and you can watch the video here

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Carly Rae Jepsen Releases “Dedicated Side B”, The love letter for all living Room Dancing

carly rae

There couldn’t have been a better time for the Canadian pop queen to drop her latest album “Dedicated Side B”. As Fans were speculating the release of another “Side B” following the one year anniversary of Dedicated, the British Colombian superstar teases at the idea with her Twitter video showcasing the album title in different animated type faces.

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Jayda G Releases Her New Upbeat Song

jayda g

Both of Us/Are U Down is the new EP and it will be available on Ninja Tune. You can watch the video here, although the remaining tracks will be released on July 3, 2020.

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Drake - Started From The Bottom

Drake was just a small name actor who turned into a Grammy award-winning singer and rapper. Plus, he has always been a very proud Canadian. You love him, and you jam out to all his hits in the car. Let’s break down some of Drake’s best moments of his career starting with his humble beginnings in the city he so famously made the ‘6six’.

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FIFA 20: What I Learnt About My Favourite Game

fifa 20

Being stuck at home during COVID-19 isn’t something anyone ever predicted or know will happen. But it’s happening and we’ve all found some ways to cope with being sat at home all day, every week for the past two months or thereabout.

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Brandish Your Hidden Blades – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Is Coming To Our Shores

assassins creed vahalla

On April 29, 2020, Ubisoft released the trailer of their latest installment to the franchise, set during the Viking Age. In this setting, players will take over as Eivor (pronounced A-vor), a Viking Clan Leader, who is tasked with establishing a new settlement in Saxon ruled England.

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Hawksley Workman’s Latest Gig: Writing Songs For Your Pets


Pets across the globe are happy having their humans home for the past two months. If you are in a mood to spoil your pets further, this is one chance you don’t want to miss. Canadian musician Hawksley Workman is writing songs as part of his Hawksley Night in Canada live streams.

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Picking up the craft


Being stuck in quarantine puts a damper on the adventures that lie right outside your front door. But what if I told you that adventure is just as easy as picking up your phone laptop PlayStation or Xbox controller.

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The Group of Seven: An Overview

group 7

The group of seven possessed a great impact on my childhood from a very young age. As my uncle hunter, an artist drew influence from their work.

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