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Westworld Season 2

Season 2 Poster

Westworld brought cowboys and robots together. Season two took it one step further bringing us to Shogun world, the British Raj of India and the modern world of the Delos corporation.

The show solved many of the season one's plot holes while creating new ones for an upcoming season three.

The show has multiple timelines that leave the viewer and hosts so confused that the phrase "Is this now?" could be the tagline of the show. In fact, many of the shows cliffhangers often occur in unclear flashbacks.

The show focuses more on what makes the humans tick, a diversion from season one's focus on creating the perfect host.

Season two continues to offer its fans the violence, nudity and psychological mind games of season one with the added mysteries of its human visitors.

Spoiler Alert:

The show follows the footsteps of HBO's larger than life show Game of Thornes with the scale of its world-building, intricate storyline and stunning visuals.

It also focuses on the fundamentals of human nature by exploring the range and depth of emotions the hosts struggle to comprehend. The star-studded cast portrays the hosts in an intricate and nuanced fashion, as they explore the very nature of what will make them human.

The second season questions the nature of free will, the consequences of the choices the hosts and humans make, and if Ford has planned this all along.

The series also tease the presence of many other worlds apart from Shogun World, British Raj, and Westworld. It leaves one wondering about the total number of the worlds and how many fatalities might have happened there.

Season two also solved the questions that have bothered the fans since episode one. Mainly the true nature of the park and the purpose of the hosts. In a startling twist, Ed Harris reveals that the park collects information on its visitors and uses it to create hosts that can be controlled.

It explores the Man in Black, portrayed by Ed Harris. It shows his rise to power and his fall from grace offering the viewer more questions and less emotional closure. It also leads him to question the nature of his reality in some less than acceptable ways.

Notable episodes like Kiksuya is almost entirely in subtitles while the main characters speak Lakota and Akane no Mai takes place in Shogun World where the characters speak Japanese.

Pro tip:

The entire season is worth revisiting just to see it unfold in a clearer fashion. Westworld is a must watch for those who enjoy, nudity, violence and reality questioning existential crises.

Michelle Neha