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Top 5 Things to Do This Fall

We know that it’s starting to get cold outside but we still have a few warm weeks left! Why not go enjoy the outdoors while you still can with these fun (and in some cases free!) fall activities:

1. Corn Maze

corn maze

Or as the French would call it a “Maize Maze”.   While there are a few farms doing this across the GTA this year Pingle’s Farm Market is the only one that boasts 8 acres of land to get lost in.  As you and your friend’s progress through the maze you can answer a series of questions. Get them all right and at the end you get a mystery prize! Here’s a hint: the prize is candy. It’s totally candy.

2. Pumpkin Patch

This year, why go to a boring grocery store to buy pumpkins? The GTA has so many farms (some of them right in Toronto) to go pick your own! Forsythe Family Farms is in the North end of Toronto. Not only can you go pick up your jack-o-lantern but you can also go on wagon rides and a petting zoo.

3. Apple Orchards 

apple orchards
Speaking of picking stuff, strut over to Chudleigh’s Farm and pick some apples. The coolest part about this place is that they actually bake fresh pies on site! You can walk away with all sorts of apple delicacies: Cider! Pies! Candy Apples!... I guess that’s it but it’s all very delicious.

4.  Brickworks


Right in the heart of Toronto is Evergreen Brickworks. This beautiful spread of land is home to many species of tress which means breathtaking foliage. Pack a picnic and stroll through the trails.

5. Astronomy Night

At the Kortright Centre for Conservation will hosting astronomy night. Learn about constellations, mythology, as well as the history behind the stars above us all from a real astronomer! It’s only 12 bucks per person so not only is it cheap but it would make a good date too.