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Top 10 ways to stay cool!

ice cream

  1. The most fun way is to eat some ice cream or drink a cold beverage; why not both? I recommend mango juice. The cold dessert helps cool your body down.
  2. Go indoor ice skating! When it’s too hot why not just stick yourself in the biggest fridge, an ice rink! You get to have fun by playing around and you get to stay warm? Bring a loved one with you to have twice the fun. That sounds like a good deal to me.
  3. Everyone knows this one the classic. Going swimming especially indoors. It’s one of the most fun activities you can do. Pretending to be a fish for a few minutes. I remember when I was a kid and I went swimming whenever it was too hot. I wasn’t too good though that didn’t stop me from having fun though.
  4. If you haven’t gotten the message yet. STAY INDOORS it’s too hot to be in the sun. but for the ones that just can’t stay indoors like me when I was a kid. Then bring an umbrella with you. Umbrellas are amazing for getting shade. Also wear some sunscreen.
  5. Take a cold shower or ice bath. It’s pretty tricky getting a lot of ice for an ice bath but oh is it worth it.
  6. Now this one is cool. I bet you haven’t thought of this before. Put your blanket/and or clothes in a freezer. Then wear them, Bro is your mind blown? *poof*
  7. Now this next one is a little iffy. Now stay with me this one might sound a little crazy. Ride a bike with an umbrella attached. You get the cold breeze hitting you while you stay in the shade.
  8. Fans a great but they never get the job done right. They’re like a construction work that leaves half the roof of your house undone. They’re just not powerful enough. So, get yourself a huge industrial fan. Trust me these things are amazing you will be feeling cold in seconds but they are scary and loud but so are most things are in life.
  9. Wear loose robes. Whenever you’re hot you don’t want anything touching you so instead of not wearing anything wear loose robes.
  10. Drink lots of water. You have a natural body cooling system built into your body; your sweat. Sweating is essential to getting cool. So, replenish the water in your body by consistently drinking water.

Jahanzeb Zazai.