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Things to Consider Before Getting Tattooed


Tattoos can mean many things. For some people, it’s a part of their culture or religion. To others it may just hold a significant meaning, or they just thought it was cool. But tattoos are permanent and there are a lot of things to consider before getting inked. It’s not just in and out like you think.


What do you want on your body? Is it a flower? A symbol? Or just a cool little branch picture you saw on Pinterest? Regardless of what it is, make sure you have your design ready to go for the tattoo artist. They wont be able to pull up an exact image of what you want unless you help them. And if you ask, they can help make the design unique to you.

Placement and commitment

Once you have your design picked out, you just need to decide on a place you want it to be, again, before you see the artist. And once you have the spot picked, commit to it and the design of the tattoo itself. Here’s a tip, take a picture of your desired tattoo, and keep it at your phones lock screen for a month. If after the month, you can still look at the picture and see the meaning it held to you, then go for it. As for placement, there’s many places to put a tattoo, but once it’s on there, it’s on.

Choosing your Artist

Don’t just get your tattoo from the guy that’s going to charge you $20. A cheap price gets you a cheap tattoo. When looking for an artist, stalk them like you would an ex. Go through their Instagram, their website, and if they post their work anywhere else, look at it. Check out reviews and see if their work it legitimate. Not only that, check out the shop they work at as well. If the shop is known for being clean and safe then go for it.


If you have a high pain tolerance, then just drink plenty of water and make sure that you’ve had something to eat before getting your tattoo. Don’t go in intoxicated or under the influence of anything because they will refuse service. If you can’t handle the pain, feel free to let the artist know and they will give you breaks in between, and bring a friend too to distract yourself.

Tattoos are a big commitment but are beautiful works of art when done right. Follow these helpful tips and enjoy your new tattoo!

Thuriga Balasubramaniam