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Setting Goals

setting goals

We all have goals. And we all want to achieve them. But sometimes, the goals we set are a little too far out of reach. We aim a little higher than what we need or what can be achieved in that time and more often than not, we fail. So here are some ways you can set attainable goals.

Take a look at you

Almost every goal is made off of where you currently are in life. You look at where you are and then determine where you want to be. Take a look at where you are in life. Where you live, where you work and what your current mindset is. Are you at a solid place where you can reasonably achieve your targets? Or do you need to change certain aspects?

Be Realistic

No one is going to become super rich or super famous in one night. And not everyone is going to be able to afford luxury cars or a vacation or anything of the sort. If you set goals such as traveling the world in a month, that’s impossible to do, unless you’re just sightseeing from the plane without landing. Set goals within a reasonable time period. If your goal is to own a house, put that as a 10-year goal, so you’ll have time to save and look for the house you’re working towards. If you want to buy that watch, that can be a two to three-week goal.  

Don’t Give Up

Once you set a goal. Stick to it. Nothing is going to come easy in life, you have to work for it. And when you work for something, the reward is greater knowing that your hard-earned money or your dedication to that one goal finally paid off. Singers don’t become stars over-night. They put their minds to it, they sing on sidewalks, bars, cafes. They play wherever they can or audition wherever they can in hopes of making it big. So don’t give up, your hard work will pay off. 

Be reasonable, be realistic and be determined. These three things should be kept in mind when working towards or setting your goals as they will prove to be a great mindset and push you towards achieving your goals. 

Thuriga Balasubramanaiam