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Kira Isabella – “Little Girl” Review

kira isabella

Canadian country artist Kira Isabella recently dropped her new single “Little Girl” and it brings a new sound to the maturing artist. The song written by Elizabeth Elkins, Tebey and Sam Ellis (who also produced the track), brings a sound that is similar to Carrie Underwood, but yet one that is still very much Kira. The Ottawa native who is no stranger to delivering strong and emotional music, combines the strength and emotion from her hit “Quarterback” and a message of empowerment and encouragement for women. “Little Girl” is about the struggle of women to get ahead in the world and a message of not letting it keep you down. The chorus of the song really hits the message home, as it mentions the shattering of ceilings, and taking the high road when they go low. Kira brings to life the words of Elkins, Tebey and Ellis in creating what can easily become an anthem, not just for women but for anyone in need of a boost as well as a reminder to dream big, shake things up and never let people make you feel little.

The song highlights Kira’s maturity as a singer from her first single to hit the airwaves back in 2011, with “Love Me Like That” when she was just 17. The advancement of Kira could be heard back in her second album but she took a massive step forward with this single, as she has blossomed in front of our eyes, or through our ears. Despite not producing a new album since Caffeine and Big Dreams nearly 4 years ago, this is has been the fourth non-album single released by Kira. With a track as strong as “Little Girl” you can only hope for a third album to be released in the near future, with this track being prominently featured on it. 

- Everett Barilla