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Keep Dreaming!

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Dreams are a funny thing. Scientists and theorists have been attempting to study the human brain and how dreams work since the dawn of science, philosophy, and religion. The best we've come up with thus far is that dreams are "a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep" according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Deciphering what those thoughts, images, or emotions mean isn't so easy. Sigmund Freud theorized that "a dream is the conscious expression of an unconscious fantasy or wish which is not accessible to the individual in waking life". The Bible explains a dream as a vision of the night but warns that dreams are not necessarily supposed to mean anything. Some neuroscientists would agree. On the other hand, in ancient Egypt, people with vivid dreams were considered to be blessed with special insight. Just as parapsychologists believe that dreams are a method of precognition, which is the foreknowledge of a future event or situation by extrasensory means. So, which of these are we supposed to believe?

My best friend used to tell me to "keep dreaming" whenever I was enamored with a girl whom he thought was way out of my league. It's a statement I'm sure many of you have heard or even been told at least once during your lifetime, but what is the point behind the statement it if dreams aren't supposed to mean anything? Why do we label highly difficult goals that we wish to achieve dreams? According to Freud, by calling our goals dreams means we will never reach them. In the case of my friend saying I will never get the girl, he's correct. But my dream to have a nice house with a white picket fence on a lake in the country is more attainable with hard work and devotion than that of changing someone's free-will. But we label them both the same, giving them equality when we know there's a significant difference between the two. Then there's always this…

Of course, there are always psychological studies that lend definition to reoccurring themes within dream studies that attempt to define or explain what you're trying to tell yourself in the subconscious unconsciousness.

For example: if you dream about your teeth falling out/you spit them out it's a sign of financial reverses. Or, if your dream features other planets, it suggests a strong desire for adventure or change your routine which you feel would be unwise or too challenging. If a young girl whom you don't recognize appears in your dreams, it forecasts some sudden surprising news. If you would like to know what your dreams are trying to tell you, here are a few sites with definitions of key points in dreams and their meanings. Dream Definitions 1. Dream Definitions 2.

Here's 10 most common dreams and their meanings:

Whether we're trying to tell ourselves something, or a supernatural entity is providing us with a glimpse into the future, or some extra-terrestrial telepathy into the unknown, the only real truth we know about dreams is that we still don't know enough about what they are, or if they mean anything at all. One thing is for certain, I will take the advice of my best friend and I will keep dreaming!

By: Derrick Sutherland