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Humber College services to survive this year

The summer is quickly coming to an end and that means back to school shopping- or back to school stressing.

Although putting away the swim suits and sunscreen isn’t particularly exciting, heading back to school isn’t as horrifying as you may think it is. Becoming informed on Humber College’s student services is one method of ensuring a smooth and successful school year.

Here are three services that a Humber College student will find useful throughout their school year:

Counselling services. If you are experiencing a stressful period of time while in school or simply need somebody to talk to, the Health and Counselling services at Humber are always available for registered students. The service is confidential in order to instill security and confidence in a student’s decision to partake in it. The goal is to promote student success by providing care that supports their well-being. If you find that you are stressed out and overwhelmed at any point throughout the year, counselling can assist you to work through these difficulties. They offer a 24 hours seven days a week student lifeline that anybody can contact. For stresses big and small, go to, call 1-866-925-5454 or connect through 2-1-1.

Health services. Staying updated and informed about Humber’s health services can certainly be of assistance to you.  Regardless if you are a Canadian resident or an international student, you require valid health coverage in order to receive the medical attention necessary- and the health centre at Humber is able to provide that for you.  Humber College provides students with information and accessibility to health insurance through the health services.  Students are also able to visit a doctor and a dentist right on campus.  Ignite offers students a flexible health and dental insurance plan that allows students to have access to these services by paying an initial insurance fee.

Sleep lounge. Sleep is an essential aspect of your overall health.  Most students tend to skip sleep in order to catch up on studying and assignments.  However, these late nights are extremely detrimental to your performance as a student.  Ensuring that you are getting at least seven hours of sleep a night is crucial to a person’s health and energy.  However, student services at Humber recognize that it is often difficult to manage your time as a student and offers the sleep lounge service.  If you find that you have gaps between your classes, visit the Ignite sleep lounge and catch up on some sleep.  Going to the lounge does not require students to book an appointment, but they simply are instructed to have their student ID present.  The lounge has five beds paired with a dividing screen to ensure privacy as you’re sleeping. This service is offered from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and is located at KX208.

By: Julia Colavecchia